The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1260

They wanted to see who was the stubborn idiot. It turned out to be a woman. They saw Maya Howards with her hand raised in the corner.
“Damn, she’s really a beautiful lady. She’s so stunning that she looks more beautiful than those people in the entertainment industry. Who is she?”
“I don’t know, but she looks a bit familiar. I think I’ve seen her somewhere before.”
“I don’t care if you’ve seen her before. Since this lady dares to raise her hand now, we’ll wait for her arm to be broken by the joint forces of Thousand Miles Conglomerate and the Yowell family!”
The crowd broke into a discussion among themselves at once.
To their surprise, someone exclaimed at this moment, “I remember now. Isn’t this person the beautiful woman who ran on the lake surface after stepping on the lakewater and turning it into ice at Moonlight Lake a few days ago?”
The words had stirred up a wave of commotion. After someone shouted out Maya’s identity, everyone started to recognize her.
She was truly that legendary figure.
And then, Azure immediately verified Maya’s bidding qualification. In other words, she was the only person as the bidder of Rockefeller Group.
Paige Rockefeller was full of anger and reluctance. She didn’t suppose the process continued to develop in such a way, Rockefeller Group could be sold for fifty billion dollars at most, in which all the amounts would be given to Carol Rockefeller. She would not be able to acquire a single penny.
How could she let that happen?
Paige shouted, “You guys are destroying the rules. I can’t allow you guys to act like this. Even if you’re the underworld king of Thousand Miles Conglomerate, so what? In the end, California is a society ruled by laws. You guys are breaking the law for ignoring it.”
At this moment, Maya gently pinched Alex’s fingers and freed her hand from his palm… Even if she felt a slight reluctance to part with him, now it was her turn to show up.
Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!
The high heels struck the ground.
Under the gaze of countless people, Maya walked up to the stage like a queen. She was holding a briefcase in her hands.
After going up the stage, she instantly threw the briefcase at Paige and said coldly, “Are you trying to discuss the law with me? Alright, we’ll talk about the law then. Inside this briefcase are all the evidence of you and your husband using the authorities of Rockefeller Group to enrich yourselves all these years by embezzling the company’s public fund and even secretly selling the company’s essential formula to the competitors. If I were to hand over this evidence to the police, what do you think will happen to you?”
Upon hearing her words, Paige instantly let out an exclaim. She knew very well those things that she had done over the years.
Maya really did not omit anything when she talked about those matters. However, she thought that she had done them in a very secretive manner, and they were impossible to be known by others. She did not believe that Maya and Brittany could acquire the evidence.
She immediately picked up the briefcase.
After opening the file inside, her expression changed abruptly when she saw the first page. It was because the matter written on it was the evidence of her embezzling the company’s loan into her pocket. She had embezzled a total amount of ten million dollars.
After that, she looked at the second page, the third page…
Every piece of the paper was genuine.
According to the last statistics, Paige and her husband had embezzled a total of two billion dollars from Rockefeller Group for the past ten years.
She broke out in a cold sweat. Then, she tore the evidence into pieces and said, “They’re fake. They’re fake. All of these are fake.”
At this moment, Brittany walked up the stage, too.
“Just tear it! If you tear it, I can print another copy again or even a hundred copies! Paige Rockefeller, you thought the things you had done were very secretive, and nobody knows about them? In fact, William Rockefeller and I have always been aware of them. We just didn’t want to expose your deeds. Now, I’m going to send it to the police. What do you think?”


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