The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2170

Chapter 2170 Andrei‘s original intention was to use Cameron‘s identity to threaten Sunny, but he did not expect such a reaction from Sunny. 

Andrei gnashed his teeth. “Aren‘t you afraid that your men won‘t accept her at all?” 

Sunny did not fall for the trap. “It‘s not up to you to decide whether to accept Cam or not. Everyone else can see her capital and capability. As for the question of whether they will mind if the next leader of the clan is a man or a woman, do you guys mind that?” The bodyguards and members of the Southern Clan in the courtyard came back to their senses and said in unison. “We don‘t mind that!” 

Why would being a man or a woman matter to them? The only thing they valued was strength, so even if Cameron was a woman, they had regarded her as their young master for so many years. She had also shown all of them that she had the potential and capability to uphold the title. Thus, why should she be restricted by her gender? 

“Y–You people…” Andrei was so infuriated that he was at a loss for words. 

‘How can all the members of the Southern Clan be so supportive of a woman?‘ 

Cameron strode toward Andrei with her arms crossed, and Andrei stepped backward subconsciously. “What do you plan to do to me?” 

She sneered. “Since you think I‘m a woman, why are you afraid of me?” “I‘m afraid of you?” Andrei pointed at her and shouted, “Why would I be afraid of a b*tch like – Aaaah!” 

Cameron bent the finger that Andrei used to point at her. His expression looked as if he was suffering from a lot of pain. The men in black behind him wanted to step forward but were stopped by the Southern Clan‘s bodyguards. 

Andrei was almost on his knees, and he was in so much pain that his expression was distorted. “You… Let, let, let go of me!” 

Cameron approached him with a sinister expression. “A man who only knows how to make money by cheating on a gambling table has no right to look down on any woman. And if he has the balls to make money through such a means, then he should have the same pair of cojones and not be afraid of being exposed. 

“Since you‘ve been exposed, your only choice is to live with the humiliation for the rest of your life. No one in the Southern Clan‘s territory will ever pamper you because of that incident.” 

She then kicked him out. Andrei fell to the ground embarrassingly, clasped his injured hand, and yelled viciously, “Just you wait, f*ckers! Mr. Matthews will definitely settle the scores with you!” Cameron was about to step forward, but Andrei got up in a panic and staggered out of the martial arts center. 

Cameron glared at the group of men in black. “Why are you still here? Do you want to stay behind and be beaten on his behalf?” 

The group of men in black swarmed away. After they evacuated, Sunny let out a long sigh. His expression looked dimmed and stern, and no one present could guess what was going through his mind. The Southern Clan‘s members, bodyguards, and servants were astounded by the news for a long time, and when they returned to their senses, everything felt surreal. 

“So is the young master really a woman?” 

“I didn‘t expect that the young master was actually a young lady!” 

“Holy cr*p! We actually used to eat and sleep under the same roof with the young master, Doesn‘t that mean…” ‘How would we know that the young master is actually a woman? ‘We actually got bättnaked and got changed in front of our so–called young master. We even took showers when the young master was around…‘ 

This piece of news was too big for most of them to digest at once, and they felt extremely bare in front of her as they had all been seen naked! 

Sunny walked to the middle of the courtyard, looked at them, and explained, “I didn‘t mean to hide such a piece of information from you. After all, I did it for my own reasons. I‘m sorry for hiding it from everyone.” Sunny‘s apology flattered them. 

“Mr. Southern Sr., don‘t say that.” 

“Yes, no matter whether the young master is a man or a woman, the young master will forever be our young master. We‘ll forever follow you and the young master.” 

One of the bodyguards scratched his head and let off an awkward giggle. “Hehe, then, should we call the young master the young lady from now on?” 

The others glared at him immediately. ‘Shameless piece of crap!‘ Seeing this, the butler finally breathed a sigh of relief and gave off a smile. ‘At least it‘s not a problem for everyone to accept her identity.‘ Cameron glanced at those people, and a hint of warmth surged from the bottom of her heart. ‘Thank God they don‘t hold any grudges against me only because I‘m not the young master they thought I was.‘


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