The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1261

Paige Rockefeller suddenly turned pale.
The embezzlement deficit of two billion was a significant amount. Once handed over to the police, she and her husband’s life would be over. They would at least be sentenced to life in prison. They would be required to hand over that embezzled money…
The key was ever since Rockefeller Group grew, their earnings also increased. Typical assh*les like her had been raised corrupt. Where would there be money left when she had burnt through two billion worth of embezzled money, which was accumulated over the past ten years?
“What about it?”
“With this evidence, do you still think it’s fake? What about handing it over to the police to verify the authenticity?”
“It just so happens that there are people from the Summers family present at the scene, so why not ask the Summers family to come forward and oversee this matter. What do you think?”
When Paige heard Brittany’s words, she was instantly scared and trembled. She couldn’t imagine the terrible consequences. She definitely did not want to go to jail.
Paige knelt heavily in front of Brittany, “ Sister-in-law, Sister-in-law, I was wrong, please forgive me! I really know I’m wrong. Let me stay alive, give me a chance. I don’t want to go to jail!”
As she was talking, she vigorously slapped her face. This scene made all the visitors below the stage stare in disbelief.
Several staff members of Rockefeller Group looked at Paige with eyes full of contempt.
In the company, Paige and her husband had always acted all high and mighty. They were very demanding of others and were also constantly educating others to have the spirit of dedication, to know how to make sacrifices for the company. In the end? It turned out that they were the company’s biggest rats, the greediest assh*les.
The funny thing was Brittany that knew all along. She just chose not to point it out.
Now that the evidence was out, it was as if the main point of the whole incident was finally focused on. Brittany said indifferently, “You want to stay alive? No problem! It just so happens that you have John and Noah’s documents with signatures in your hands. Sign the document, and I will use a dollar to buy all the shares of the Rockefeller Group from your hands!”
Paige was dumbfounded.
Staring at Brittany in a daze, Paige felt as if she could not recognize her. People like Brittany definitely should not be so ruthless.
“Buying all the shares of the Rockefeller Group with one dollar, Sister-in-law, how can you be so evil hearted? This is daylight robbery!”
“Not, absolutely not!”
Brittany sneered, “Why not? A year ago, it was the Rockefeller family who snatched Rockefeller Group from William and me. Back then, you didn’t give us a single dime. Not only that, but you also used shameless means to freeze all the money on our joint accounts, snatch our house, leaving my son at a loss and me with no way to cure my illness. I even kneeled and begged to borrow tens of thousands of dollars from you, but it was all in vain. Did you think that your hearts were so evil back then?”
Paige was speechless.
However, she then said, “Sister-in-law, this was all the decision of the old man and john’s idea. They are in charge of the Rockefeller family. Where do I, a married woman, have the right to do this?”
“But you have the right to do business now.”
“But you have the right to do business now.”
“I… Sister-in-law, I really can’t! I can’t… Carol, she will kill me, she is now very scary and terrible. She is the one who asked me to sell the company. She is the one who wants fifty billion, I really can’t make the decision to sell it to you for one dollar, or she will kill me!” Paige cried out loud.
It looked like it was hard for her.
“You have one minute to think about it. You can either go and explain to the police what was on those papers or sign the papers!”
Brittany didn‘t want to care in the least about the pressure Carol was putting on Paige. After all, they were relatives!
A minute had passed quickly.
Gritting her teeth, Paige finally gave in. “I will sign that document!”
At Rockefeller Group’s auction.


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