The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1263

Brittany smiled at the two of them and walked into the Rockefeller family’s manor.
She just got back the control of Rockefeller Group. Thus, she needed to plan the business arrangement. Initially, Maya was her best helper. With her assistance, Brittany’s work would be much easier. However, in comparison, it was the grandson who was most important.
This was especially after seeing Winnie. This wish of hers became even stronger. It would be great if tonight, her son could accomplish something with Maya and give birth to a son and a daughter.
“Where do you want to go to eat?”
“The street at the night market in the university city, do you remember that?” Maya blinked and looked at Alex with a playful expression as she spoke.
Alex thought for a long time before he remembered.
In the past, there was indeed a night market after the back door of his university. Many students would go there to eat and shop, and even students set up stalls there. It was a lively place.
For Alex, that night market would seem too low-end because he was a young master with an expensive three hundred billion big business back then. He would usually go to all the high-end places, so this kind of place did not attract him.
He had also been there so often with his roommate, but he had a poor impression of the area. Not only did the food taste bad, but there were also thieves too.
“Why did you think of going to that place?” Alex frowned, not wanting to go. “What can be good there? Why not just go to Moonlight Lake’s west bund corridor? The food there is cooked by famous chefs, and all the food tastes so good.”
Maya shook her head. “No, I want to go to the night market street! Are you coming or not? Are you accompanying me or not?”
The woman pouted and crossed her arms.
A burst of natural body fragrance rushed into Alex‘s nose. The feeling of serenity was completely absent in an instant. Instead, a primitive urge rose in his heart. He immediately surrendered and said, “Yes, yes, yes. Let’s go wherever you want. I will also accompany you to hell.”
Smiling sweetly, Maya hugged Alex’s arm and jumped forward. She whispered, “I don’t want you to go to hell, but you can go for a tryst.”
“What did you say?”
Alex froze for a moment as he did not hear clearly. “Nothing! Let’s go!”
Maya tightened her grip.
Then, Alex felt a fire in his body. The incredibly warm feeling on his arm came as if squeezed into the warm butter. At that walking pace, be swayed around and could not walk properly.
At the same time.
Paige returned home, looking disheveled. Tonight’s auction finally made her realize that she was really a piece of trash compared to Brittany. All of her was crushed. There was no half advantage, if Brittany had really wanted to screw her, she could have easily sent her to prison as early as ten years ago.
However, she only came up with that stack of evidence now. The imaginary tens of billions were gone, and she did not know how to inform Carol.
Nevertheless, again, she felt lucky. This was because Brittany didn’t pursue the matter any further.
There was even boundless regret welling up in her heart.
If she had been on William and Brittany’s side, what would have been the result? The result would have been completely different from now. Brittany would likely be drowning in the affection from her relatives and continue to turn a blind eye to her activities. Brittany’s career would grow after regaining control of Rockefeller Group. Since she was considered her relative, not to mention two billion or twenty billion, even earning twenty billion was not impossible.
Unfortunately… It was too late to regret it!
She had just returned home when she saw her husband on the ground, unconscious, in a pool ofblood on the floor
“Ah, hubby…? Hubby, what happened to you?”


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