The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2171

Chapter 2171 Waylon looked toward her and smiled. 

Meanwhile, at Southwest Villas… 

“What? Cameron is a woman?” 

Fabio was shocked to hear that too. 

Cameron was Sunny‘s only son, and everyone on the island knew that. However, this ‘son‘ turned out to be a daughter. 

The bodyguard who reported that looked at him. “Everyone in the Southern Clan has accepted it. Andrei tried to use this secret as leverage, but Mr. Southern Sr. couldn‘t be bothered.” 

Fabio looked dark. “Andrei really turned into Donald‘s dog. Donald doesn’t know Sunny well enough. It‘s funny that he thought Sunny would compromise because of what he did.” 

He had been careless about Donald. 

If he had known better, he wouldn’t have let the wanted man stay on the island. Not only did Donald take advantage of him, but he also tried to take his place too. 

That was why the killers that Manuel had hired from the Skull Club would go to the Southern Clan‘s territory to kill Cameron. It was because Donald had worked out something with them. It was naive of him to think that he would be able to win if he had enough connections. 

Meanwhile, after Donald discovered that his spy in the Southern Clan had disappeared, he went into a rage. “Bunch of useless pieces of sh*t! You can‘t even keep your eyes on one man!” 

No one spoke except Chunky. “They probably captured the person that we lost contact with. He must have ratted everyone out.” 

Donald almost crushed a teacup in his hand. 

At that moment, a man rushed in and whispered something into Donald‘s ear, which made him raise his brows. “Are you sure?” 

The man nodded. “I heard that she has ties with people from Metropolis. I didn‘t come to see you for two days to avoid suspicion.” Donald’s anger faded, and he smiled. “Manuel wasn‘t mistaken. Gail is from Metropolis.” Chunky was shocked. “She‘s using a fake identity?” Donald smirked. “No matter how she hid her past, the Gail here isn‘t the same person who worked with Huntley. Fabio probably would never think that he wrongfully blamed Buchanon, who had been loyal to him. I wonder what he‘ll look like when he realizes he killed the man who didn‘t lie to him.” 

Daisie got up, walked to Cameron while smiling, and grabbed her arm. “Cameron!” Cameron saw that she looked healthy and radiant, so she raised her brows. “You seem to be living a good life at your husband‘s place.” 

Daisie blushed and let go of her arm. “Nonsense.” 

After they took a seat, the servers started serving the food. 

Nollace deboned the fish for Daisie and asked, “Does the Southern Clan have any plans?” 

Cameron picked up the tea but didn‘t drink, then calmly said, “The spy that Donald planted in the clan was removed, Gail had taken over Parkin, and now we wait for Donald to make a move against Fabio. Gail will be the key to Fabio‘s survival.” Nollace placed the fish on Daisie‘s plate. “That‘s what I think too. Your bet is on Fabio‘s failure.” 

Cameron smiled. “If Fabio wins, who will work with us? The enemy of my enemy will at least be half a friend.” She paused for a few seconds and looked up. “And on top of that, we‘re in the light. Even if Donald wins the battle, you will still be there.” 

Nollace had been hiding his identity and was the man behind the scenes, while the Southern Clan would be in the light in the battle between Donald and Fabio. 


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