The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1272

Right then, Alex Rockefeller’s voice could be heard somewhere nearby. “Is this all you’ve got? How dare you even dream about stealing my woman away from in e? Are you still in a dream?”
‘What?’ Papa Hanson quickly looked over at Alex. In the end, he realized that Alex was still trapped by the prison of Oceanic Force and couldn’t escape at all.
Papa Hanson started laughing loudly. “You’re the one who’s in a dream! Don’t you know that there’s no way for you to escape now?”
As soon as he finished speaking, Alex stomped his foot forcefully. The Oceanic Force that surrounded him instantly shattered into pieces, almost like tofu. The Oceanic Force had turned into its pure form once again.
“What?! How is this possible?!”
Papa Hanson’s face was drained of color from shock. He didn’t expect Alex to be so strong that he could even break free from the Oceanic Force prison that Papa Hanson himself was most pleased with.
However, in the next second, something even more terrifying happened.
Alex was actually absorbing the Oceanic Force.
The blue energy waves were being sucked into the center of Alex’s eyebrows like a whale sucking in water…
“Stop! Stop right now! What are you doing?” Papa Hanson shouted frantically at Alex while his facial expression changed drastically.
However, right then, the strong absorbing force that had formed in between Alex’s eyebrows directly impacted the pearl in Papa Hanson’s hand.
The pearl turned into a ray of light and was directly absorbed by Alex. Likewise, it entered Alex’s upper energy core and fused with the pearl that had its own mental power. Just as the pearl entered Alex’s body, the Oceanic Force that trapped Maya Howards also disappeared completely.
With his Celestial Oceanic Bead snatched away, Papa Hanson was nearly going mad. He yelled loudly at Alex, “Give the Celestial Oceanic Bead back to me! Otherwise, you’ll regret it! My people from the Blood Cult won’t let you go. You’ll become the target of assassination of every member of the Blood Cult. They won’t stop until you die!”
Alex dashed over at lightning speed and struck Papa Hanson’s lower energy core with his fist.
A bout of spiritual power that was filled with thunderous might blasted into Papa Hanson’s energy core, thoroughly shattering the foundation of Bloodthirsty Demonic Art in his energy core. It had all become a pile of useless pulp.
“You… Did you just destroy my cultivation?” Papa Hanson asked.
While facing Papa Hanson’s fierce expression and hateful gaze, Alex still seemed calm as usual. “That’s right. What are you going to do about it? Will you mark me with your Bloodthirsty Demonic Eye and get people from your Blood Cult to come after me? Can’t you tell that I’ve already been marked by Bloodthirsty Demonic Eye once?” Alex asked.
“What? Has Bloodthirsty Demonic Eye marked you before? That’s impossible!” Papa Hanson couldn’t see it at all.
If Alex really had been marked before, Papa Hanson would’ve been able to sense it.
Alex shook his head. He felt that Papa Hanson’s cultivation was perhaps too weak. That was why he couldn’t see the mark of Bloodthirsty Demonic Eye.
Alex immediately took his phone out and called Anna Coleman. “Anna, where are you?”
“Master, I’m in the toilet. I just took off my pants and sat down. Has something happened to you?” Anna asked.
When Alex heard what Anna said, he subconsciously glanced at Maya. “Don’t describe things in such detail next time! I caught someone from the Blood Cult. Come over!”
Alex provided Anna with the address.
“Alright. In that case, can I come after I finish using the toilet? Or should I put my pants on and come over right away?” Anna asked.


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