The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1271

Boom, boom!
The mysterious pearl in Alex Rockefeller’s upper energy core jumped around intensely, causing some kind of rumbling inside of him. In fact, it appeared in between his eyebrows as if it was going to leap out from his body on its own.
‘Another pearl!’
Alex could see it clearly.
The pearl Papa Hanson retrieved was almost identical to the one in Alex’s upper energy core. Based on the aura it emitted, Alex was certain it was the same type of object. That explained why Alex’s pearl had such a huge reaction.
‘What exactly is this pearl?’ Alex wondered.
Apart from feeling surprised, Alex also felt unceasingly curious. ‘Could these pearls have come from the same roots? In fact, would they eventually combine?’
As Alex thought about these things, Papa Hanson spat a mouthful of blood. “Young Rockefeller, I didn’t want to kill you at first, but you asked for it. Some things just weren’t meant for you! The fact that you get to die today because of my Celestial Oceanic Bead will be an honor for a martial arts cultivator like you.”
After saying that, Papa Hanson instantly activated his pearl’s energy.
The halo of blue light around the pearl immediately released odd energy that engulfed Alex within.
Right then, Alex could sense his body being wrapped tightly by a layer of what felt like water. It bound him tightly, and he found it difficult even to budge a little. Alex looked surprisingly at the pearl in Papa Hanson’s hand. “Celestial Oceanic Bead? What is this thing? It has such immense power. It feels almost as if I’m in the depths of the ocean,” Alex said.
Papa Hanson snorted coldly.
“What is it? You wouldn’t know even if I told you. Just know that it’s a mysterious treasure that you’ll never acquire in this lifetime. It greatly surpasses the abilities of mystical tools. Forget about someone like you with low level cultivation, even an expert in the Blood Cult will have to surrender to me with the Celestial Oceanic Bead in my hands,” he said.
“Oceanic Force Imprisonment!” Papa Hanson shouted right after that
Within an instant, the blue light emitted by the pearl grew even brighter. Moreover, a circle of light blue energy formed a blue, rope like cage that the naked eye could see. It trapped Alex firmly inside, and the circle grew smaller and smaller.
Seeing Alex being trapped made Maya Howards panic. She instantly started to attack Papa Hanson.
Using Silver Frost, she struck at him with her Ice Cold Touch.
“Go to hell!” she yelled.
To her surprise, Papa Hanson casually waved his hand. Another energy shield fired out of the Celestial Oceanic Bead and directly wrapped around Maya. Not only did it effortlessly diffuse her Ice Cold Touch, but it even fully engulfed her body. Maya was imprisoned in place, and she couldn’ t move.
By then, Papa Hanson started laughing loudly as if he had already emerged victorious.
“Maya, stop struggling. It’s futile. Even if you have a half- stepped Grandmaster’s cultivation, you have no way of resisting my Oceanic Force Imprisonment. Look. On the basis that we’ve been friends, why don’t we strike a deal? I really don’t want to use brute force on you,” he said.
“What kind of deal?” Maya asked.
Papa Hanson chuckled. “Let me absorb your bloodline’s energy. You’ll do so voluntarily. After that, I’ll let your boyfriend go. The two of you will still get to live, and you’ll get to live together happily ever after,” he said.
Maya looked panicked.
She was especially concerned when she saw how the Oceanic Force was trapping Alex. In fact, he was being strangled, and it seemed as if he would die of suffocation at any moment.
Feeling incomparably pained in her heart, Maya finally nodded. “Alright. I’ll take the deal! How do I transfer my bloodline’s energy to you?” she asked.
Papa Hanson chuckled. “This is easy! The Bloodthirsty Demonic Art from Blood Cult focuses on the coupling of man and woman. As long as you willingly sleep with me once and allow me to acquire your blood, the deal will be done, and I’ll let your boyfriend go,” he said.
“What?” Maya’s facial expression changed drastically.
How could she do this?! If she did it, that would mean losing her virginity. How could she face Alex and still be with him?


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