The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2182

Chapter 2182 Fabio grunted. “F*ck!” The men in black surrounded the car with guns. “Fabio Puzo, your time is up.” 

Seeing that Fabio did not respond, one of them carefully went around the car and came to the rear of the car, where Fabio rushed out from behind abruptly. The man was caught off guard, reacted almost instantly, and a thunderous gunshot pierced through the sky, but the bullet missed. 

The man in black had his gun snatched, lost his balance as Fabio kicked him violently, and fell to the ground. When the other men saw this, they immediately fired at Fabio. Fabio retreated to the rear of the car to avoid the bullets. The shattered glass cut his arm, and blood spurted through torn flesh. And that was when a man in black suddenly rolled over the car‘s roof and knocked Fabio down. Just as he was about to shoot Fabio, someone shouted, “Sh*t! Someone‘s here!” The man lost focus for a split second and was kicked over by Fabio. The latter picked up the gun and shot him in the head, and blood splattered on the road behind him. 

A vehicle was approaching. It was a bulletproof car, and it was obviously coming at them. Thus, they did not continue with what they were doing and had to flee back to the van and escape the scene. 

The man who got out of the bulletproof car approached Fabio. 

Fabio glanced at the man‘s face, which looked slightly oriental, and thought that he was someone Sunny had sent. However, he was knocked out with a stun gun before he could react, and the gun that was inches away from his hand was kicked away. 

He lay on the ground, his limbs felt numb, and he could not move until a familiar figure approached him. 

He raised his head and growled viciously, “Gail, you betrayed me, and you still have the guts to show up!?” 

Saydie stopped in front of him. “I‘ve never been loyal to you, so how could I betray you?” 

Fabio laughed ferociously. “If I were to know that this day would come, I should‘ve killed you back then.” 

“Unfortunately, your biggest enemy has never been us, but Donald instead,” Saydie said calmly. “Donald placed spies in the Southern Clan‘s territory and secretly colluded with Manuel, who was originally one of the chess pieces of his grand scheme. Manuel had planned a lot of things for him from the shadows before his death. If the Southerns hadn‘t discovered their relationship first, you‘d still only be his most important pawn at this very moment.” Fabio‘s cheek trembled, and his eyes turned bloodshot. “Then tell me, are you working with the Southerns? And was Buchanon playing me?” He was referring to the incident where Saydie had secretly helped Sunny. 

Saydie‘s gaze shifted away from him. “Mr. Gibson didn‘t play you. That woman was indeed me.” He seemed to recall what Donald had said to him before this, and he was astonished. Sadness, depression, wrath, and ridicule were among all the emotions that surged from the bottom of his heart in an instant, and all of them came from that man. 

Buchanon had been nurturing the idea of betraying Fabio, but he had never turned his thoughts into actions. Everything that he had thought about was for self–protection, fearing that he would become next on the hit list. 

He was afraid of dying, loved money, and was cowardly and tactful. Even if he had been nurturing the idea of turning against Fabio, he did not really want to betray him unless he was forced to. 

Unfortunately, Fabio had been blinded by his self–willed judgment, believed in the wrong person, and killed Buchanon without any hesitation. 

And that was the incident that opened up the opportunity for Donald to take over all of Buchanon‘s connections and turned Fabio‘s cruelty towards someone who had been loyal to him for a decade into a reason for him to rise up against him. 

For most of his life, he had always regarded himself as someone wealthy, influential, and powerful and assumed that no one would have the guts to oppose him. However, thinking back at this moment made him feel ridiculous about himself. 

“Of course, you don‘t have to feel discouraged. If you‘re willing to cooperate with us and lure Donald, we won‘t even think twice about giving you a chance to atone for your sins too.” 

Fabio sounded calm. “Why should I work with you?” 

“You don‘t have a choice either. Donald now knows that you‘re working with Mr. Southern Sr. and wants to end you. Will you be reconciled if he takes over your place in the East Islands while you die and rot on the streets?” 


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