The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1273

“If you can hold it in, put your pants on and come over right now!” Alex Rockefeller said before directly hanging up the phone.
The tigress was intentionally looking for trouble!
‘Why did you tell me about such private things related to women?’ Alex thought.
Maya Howards overheard the phone conversation. After advancing to half-stepped Grandmaster in her martial arts cultivation, her hearing had become shockingly sharp. It was difficult for her not to overhear him. However, Maya wasn’t focused on the phone conversation between Alex and Anna Coleman. Instead, she was looking at Papa Hanson with an expression of pain and disappointment.
It had been seven years since she first started working at Quois Haven until now, when she became the director of Lush Cosmetics. Although her total assets exceeded billions, she still visited Papa Hanson at Quois Haven to chat with him every year.
Maya had grown up in an orphanage. She treasured this relationship dearly, but she didn’t expect things to turn out this way today.
For the sake of her bloodline, he was able to toss away all the emotions and experiences they went through together in the past like trash. He even asked Maya to sleep with her. ‘Are you even human?’ Maya wondered.
“Papa, I have something to ask you. What was I to you in the past? Was I only a prey that could contribute my bloodline to you?” Maya asked in a desolate tone.
Papa Hanson looked at her and sighed.
“Maya, to be honest, I did think of you as my daughter! It’d have been great if your bloodline wasn’t activated. We could still maintain our relationship as before. I could continue playing my part as your adopted father, and I could watch you get married and have children. However, from the moment you activated your bloodline, things became different. Things became completely different,” he said.
“What has changed? Regardless of whether my bloodline is activated or not, I’m still Maya Howards! The question is, why can’t you treat me the same way after my bloodline is activated?” Maya asked agitatedly.
Papa Hanson shook his head. “You don’t understand! Everyone in the Blood Cult practices Bloodthirsty Demonic Art. It’s an ability that makes one extremely sensitive and attracted to blood, especially blood that belongs to people with a unique bloodline! If you hadn’t activated your bloodline, I could still suppress my desires. However, after you activated your bloodline, it’s a different case altogether,” he explained.
“Does that mean Maya’s blood is like a drug to you?” Alex asked.
“That’s right,” Papa Hanson answered.
“What position do you hold in the Blood Cult?” Alex then asked.
Papa Hanson was stunned for a moment. After that, he laughed coldly. “Are you trying to investigate me? Impossible! I won’t tell you. The Blood Cult will inevitably reclaim America and conquer the world,” he said.
Alex was stunned momentarily. He raised a finger to Papa Hanson’s forehead. This was none other than the Ultimate Book of Medicine’s Soul Banishing Touch.
With a tap of Alex’s finger, Papa Hanson’s body began to tremble uncontrollably. He broke into a cold sweat, and it felt as if his soul wanted to scream out loud.
However, a sphere of blood rose formed in his eyes. In fact, a mark even began to appear in flames within his pupils.
Bloodthirsty Demonic Eye!
Papa Hanson also wanted to plant the Bloodthirsty Demonic Eye in Alex. This was already Alex’s second time experiencing it.
He didn’t expect Papa Hanson to have such strong willpower. After Alex used his Soul Banishing Touch, not only did Papa Hanson not break down, but he even tried to use the Blood Cult’s Bloodthirsty Demonic Eye to mark Alex so that countless members of Blood Cult would hunt him down.
However, right then, the Chaos Bead hidden inside Alex’s mind palace vibrated gently. The mark Papa Hanson wanted to make instantly shattered and disappeared.
At the same time, a reactionary force directly hit Papa Hanson’s body.
Papa Hanson, who was still being dealt with Alex using his Soul Banishing Touch, suddenly cried out loudly. After that, he plopped down on the ground and stopped moving.
Papa Hanson was dead!


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