The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2185

Chapter 2185 Cameron was rather smart but could also sometimes be very confused. However, when faced with life–and–death situations, she was always a calm and rational person, but she seemed to lose her cool very easily and often when she was in front of him. Waylon stretched out his hand, tucked the locks and strands of hair that were covering her face behind her auricle with his fingertips, and squinted slightly. “Good for you, getting to sleep so soundly.” 

A ray of sunlight beamed into the room through the window, penetrated through the gap in the curtains, and reflected onto the couch. Cameron slowly opened her eyes, recalled something, and sat up abruptly. 

She removed the blanket covering her, looked around, and suddenly remembered the purpose of her visit to Waylon‘s room last night. It was obvious that she had not only fallen asleep in his room but also forgotten what she wanted to talk to him about. 

Cameron walked up to the door and opened it, and that was when two maids who passed by the corridor stared at her in surprise. “Young mast, Young lady?” “Morning.” She bit the bullet, greeted them, and quickly returned to her room. The two maids took a closer look at the room where she came out from, covered their mouths, and giggled. “It seems that the rumor is true.” “The young lady had already had an unusual relationship with Mr. Goldmann when she was still the young master. How could this be fake?” “I didn‘t expect Mr. Southern Sr. to get himself a son–in–law through this series of incidents.” 

At 10:00 a.m., seeing that there was no one downstairs, Cameron took advantage of this window to rush downstairs. And just as she was about to reach the door, Sunny‘s voice came from behind. “Where are you going?” She was astonished, rubbed her nose, and turned around. “I‘m going out to grab something to 


He placed the newspaper down on the table and sat on the couch. “Are we not feeding you enough at home?” 

She glanced away and said casually, “I want to spend some money to eat out. It‘s not that I‘m spending your money.” “Last night…” Sunny paused for half a second, then laughed out loud. “I went to your room looking for you. Why weren‘t you there?” “Didn‘t you go to Way—?“. “Oh, how did you know that I was at Willy‘s?” Cameron licked her lips to moisturize them and raised her eyebrows lightly. “This old man actually wants to trick me into saying it.‘ 

She then answered with an unchanged expression, “I‘m just guessing.” Sunny snorted and picked up the teacup. “Willy may not come back today as he has something to do, so this should be good news for you.” She was flustered. “What‘s happened to him?” He pondered. “They‘ve sent someone here all the way from Bassburgh. Anyway, they‘ll leave the East Islands as soon as this matter is over, so perhaps we‘ll never see them again.” 

After saying that, he lifted his gaze and paid attention to Cameron‘s reaction. 

Cameron froze in place as thoughts flashed across her mind. 

On the other side of town… 

Waylon and Quincy met in a private room in Yuzu Villa, 

Quincy looked around. “This island isn‘t what I imagined it to be.” 

In the impression of outsiders, the East Islands had always been an archipelago, isolated from the world, surrounded by vast oceans on all sides. After all, it had to be a wicked place no matter what others had said. 

Quincy did not expect the Southerns to have lived such a rich and colorful life on the biggest island. It felt like they were a family of wild cranes, isolated from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. It was nowhere close to having others call it a wicked place. 

Waylon smiled. “Maybe it‘s because of Mr. Southern Sr.” 

Quincy looked at him. “You‘ve all been here for a month. Mrs. Goldmann is very worried about you and Ms. Goldmann. By the way, where‘s Ms. Goldmann?” 

“She‘s at Nollace‘s.” Quincy frowned. “Wouldn‘t it be more dangerous for her to follow him around?” Waylon ran his fingers over the patterns on the teacup. “Nollace will never allow her to appear around him if it‘s not safe. He‘s in the dark now, and Donald is getting flanked by Fabio and the Southern Clan. So you tell me, will he still have the time and energy to care about Nollace as a threat?” 

Quincy was dumbfounded for a second and arrived at a lightbulb moment. “That‘s true.” Waylon put down the teacup and raised his head. “Are your plans ready already?” “We‘re ready. In any case, Donald won‘t be able to leave this island. Even if he‘s capable of doing so, Interpol has arranged for their forces to stand by at all the ports of the surrounding cities, and these places are all heavily guarded. There‘s no way that he can escape that.” 


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