The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1274

Maya Howards quickly walked over to check if Papa Hanson was still breathing. “I didn’t think his life would end like this! Alex, is the Blood Cult really that scary? They actually can’t control themselves when they meet people with activated bloodlines. In that case, wouldn’t those with activated bloodlines be in danger if they bump into such people?” she asked sadly in the end.
Alex Rockefeller declined to comment. He searched Papa Hanson’s body, but he didn’t find anything on him.
Soon, Anna Coleman rushed over in her car. She was wearing a halter top and breezy denim shorts. Her long, slender legs made Alex’s head spin.
Alex felt speechless. “Are you kidding me? Is that all you’re wearing?” he asked.
Anna glanced at Maya before she spoke. “You were the one who asked me to put my pants on and come immediately. I didn’t even dare to use the toilet. I’m still holding it in. I rushed right over! Master, you’re asking for too much!” Anna said.
“Did you really hold it in?” Alex asked.
“What do you think? It’s almost going to come out, and it’s all because of you!” Anna exclaimed.
For some reason, Alex felt that her words had a foul meaning.
Alex waved his hands. “Alright. Take this corpse back!”
“Huh? Wasn’t he alive before? Why’s he dead now?” Anna asked.
“He committed suicide!” Alex said.
“Then, what’s the point? Just get someone from the funeral parlor to cremate it,” Anna said.
“You can investigate his identity,” Alex said.
As soon as he said this, Alex suddenly recalled that Papa Hanson was Quois Haven’s boss. He had run his business on University Street for many years. Based on his cultivation and unique identity as a member of the Blood Cult, he might have left some clues behind at the noodle restaurant or his house.
“Let’s check out Quois Haven,” Alex immediately said.
Maya’s heart thumped a little. She immediately returned to Quois Haven with Alex. Liam Lockher and the rest who celebrated Maya’s birthday with her had left long ago. Right then, there wasn’t a single person in the restaurant.
The two of them searched around in the restaurant, but they didn’t find anything special.
“Maya, do you know where he normally stays?” Alex asked.
Firstly, Alex wanted to find out about Papa Hanson’s relationship with Blood Cult. Secondly, he wanted to see if he could acquire any treasures.
The Celestial Oceanic Bead he acquired earlier was very powerful.
Previously, Alex really was imprisoned by the pearl’s Oceanic Force. If it weren’t for the help he received from the mysterious pearl in his upper energy core, he might have remained imprisoned. He might have even ended up being murdered by Papa Hanson. However, the mysterious pearl was able to unravel the Oceanic Force’s prison on its own and absorb its energy. Only then was Alex able to escape effortlessly.
“I seem to remember that he stayed in a villa area in Golden Manor. He has a villa there. I went there in the past,” Maya said.
Golden Manor was where Hailey Lawson’s grandfather lived. It was also somewhere Daya Stoermer had lived in the past.
“Let’s go over and check it out! ” Alex immediately said.
“Sure thing,” Maya said.
“I’ll come and have a look, too,” Anna instantly said.
Alex shook his head. “There’s still a corpse out there. You should deal with it first so that nobody gets frightened.”
“I’ve already asked a colleague from the Divine Constabulary to come and deal with it. Don’t worry,” Anna said.
As such, Anna managed to stay behind and become the third wheel. It made Maya very unhappy.
Soon, the three of them arrived at No. 17 Villa in Golden Manor.
After breaking the lock with his spiritual power, Alex took the lead to walk inside. In the very next second, he shuddered violently. He was stunned.


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