The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2187

Chapter 2187 Cameron picked up her silverware and started eating while Sunny put his down. “Willy is about to leave. What are your thoughts on that?” Cameron froze for a moment, lowered her head, and continued eating. “What idea do you expect me to have? Will he stay here just because I want him to stay?” 

His eyes lit up. “How are you so sure he won‘t? Perhaps he‘ll stay behind if you make your wish known?” 1 

Cameron was astonished for a split second. She then raised her head and looked at Sunny after a moment. “Dad, I don‘t really get what you just said. Why don‘t you give it to me straight? I intended to ask you about this too. Do you want to take him in as your son?” 

Sunny was at a loss for words. 

His fists got so hard as he was on the brink of cracking her head open to see what was wrong with her brain. 

He calmed himself down and said earnestly, “You‘re right. I indeed want to do so. But he already has a biological father, so how can I make him my son? So use that brain of yours and give it a deeper thought.” Cameron drank the soup from her spoon. “Maybe you can become his son?” 

Sunny was utterly speechless. 

‘If I had a heart condition, I would‘ve died of a heart attack by now, wouldn‘t I?‘ 

His face was ashen. “If that‘s the best you can do, you won‘t be able to get married for the rest of your life.” 

Cameron lifted her gaze and suddenly remembered the nightmare that she had experienced the other day. She put down her silverware and stared at the infuriated Sunny. “Are you saying that you want me to get married?” 

“Thank God that there‘s still hope for that brain of yours.” Cameron got up. “I‘m done eating.” Sunny was stunned for a while. ‘What just happened? What‘s with the reaction as soon as marriage is mentioned?‘ Back in Cameron’s room… 

Cameron leaned behind the door. The dream from that night was still lingering in her mind. *As soon as I get married, the Southerns will no longer have anything to do with me. Is that dream slowly but surely turning into reality? ‘Before my identity was revealed, I thought that I‘d be living here for the rest of my life as long as I was still the one and only Mr. Southern. However, I seem to have not thought about this outcome. ‘I‘m a woman, and sooner or later, I‘ll have to get myself married to someone…‘ 

In the afternoon… 

Waylon brought Quincy to the Southern manor to pay Sunny a visit. This was Quincy‘s first meeting with Sunny, so he was somewhat cautious, and the three chatted in the study. Waylon glanced out the window and saw Cameron‘s figure walking across the courtyard. She then stopped the two middle–aged maids and said something to them. He saw her looking around first before talking to the maids–she looked very cautious, as if she was afraid of being heard. As for the maids, they were surprised at first but then burst into laughter almost instantly. 

Cameron crossed her arms and listened to them. She looked suspicious at times, surprised for a bit, and dazed at times. Her expression changed throughout the whole conversation. Quincy just happened to call Waylon at that moment, but the latter did not hear him. He looked in the direction where Waylon‘s gaze was fixed. “Mr. Goldmann, what are you staring at?” 

‘Is there something attractive in the yard?‘ Waylon turned his head. “I don‘t see anything.” 

Sunny glanced out the window and could see Cameron and the maids from where he was sitting. He then put his teacup down and smiled. “You‘re indeed the secretary who served Mr. Nolan Goldmann back then. This plan sounds great. It seems very well–placed together.” Quincy turned his head and gave off a modest smile. “You‘re flattering me. I‘ve accomplished almost nothing when compared to you and Mr. Southern.” Sunny paused for a bit and then laughed out loud. “The Mr. Southern that you just mentioned… That‘s actually my daughter.” 

Quincy was dumbfounded. “Daughter?” 

“You‘ve just arrived on the island, so you might not know about this.” Sunny brushed his fingertips over the lid of the cup. “I only have one daughter, and her name is Cameron Southern, and the appellation ‘Mr. Southern‘ is just an identity that I came up with to cover my daughter‘s real identity.” 

Quincy was really too surprised. 

“The legendary Mr. Southern is actually a woman… Who would believe this piece of information?’ 

Cameron rubbed her chin in the courtyard after listening to the two maids‘ words. “So, Dad is forcing me to get married not because he wants to drive me away?” 


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