The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1275

“What a heavy dose of Yin energy!” Maya Howards contracted her neck.
Her cultivation of a half-stepped Grandmaster was different from the others. Silver Frost was something between martial arts and cultivation. Alex Rockefeller had come up with this cultivation technique based on his modification of the Ultimate Book of Medicine, and it gave Maya an advantage from the beginning.
Hence, Maya could sense the presence of Yin energy.
“There’s also a very dense form of blood energy!” Anna Coleman wrinkled her nose as she inhaled. The scent nearly made her choke.
Meanwhile, Alex’s facial expression turned gloomy. He looked in a particular direction, and he could feel a little more than the other two.
All three of them walked into the villa. After that, the eerie sensation only worsened. They had goosebumps without even knowing it.
Inside Maya’s body, Silver Frost instantly began to operate on its own to form an invisible protective layer. This caused the surrounding temperature to dip even further. Among them, Anna’s cultivation was the weakest. Since she was originally standing next to Maya, she could sense the sudden coldness, and she immediately jumped nervously.
Anna thought an enemy had attacked her. But when she turned around, she realized that it was Maya. Anna’s body was also feeling a little overwhelmed. Her teeth were chattering.
Right then, a large hand pressed against her waist. Immediately after that, a very comfortable warmth emitted from the hand and nourished the veins and organs in her body. It quickly dissolved the intense coldness.
Anna didn’t need to guess to know that it was Alex’s hand. Her tense body slowly relaxed, and she leaned against Alex’s body. “Thank you, Master!” Anna said.
Maya looked over. A flash of light appeared in her eyes, but she didn’t say anything.
“Anna, there must be something strange in this villa. Why don’t you wait outside? We’ll tell you what’s going on once we finish investigating,” Alex said.
“No way? Are you not going to let me go inside?” Anna immediately looked sad and reluctant. “Master, you’re going to protect me, aren’t you? I’m your disciple. You can’t treat me like a flower in the greenhouse. I’ll become weak and die. You ought to show me the world! Besides, isn’t your wife here too? I’ll definitely not be in danger,” Anna added.
The way Anna addressed Maya made the latter feel a little embarrassed.
Maya chuckled. “Alex, I didn’t know when you accepted Anna as your disciple. However, since she’s already here, let her come in with us! We don’t know the Blood Cult’s stuff very well. Anna is more experienced in investigative work. She’ll probably be able to help out,” Maya said.
“That’s right, that’s right. Your wife knows best.” Anna didn’t forget to praise Maya.
“Alright. But remember, don’t simply touch anything, and don’t go more than two meters away from me,” Alex said helplessly.
“Don’t worry. As soon as there’s danger, I’ll immediately jump onto you,” Anna said.
Alex was speechless.
‘Are you trying to get me into trouble?’ Alex wondered.
Inside, the villa’s design and layout were no different from the other villas.
Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to see anything out of place when they came in. They’d only smell the bloody scent… However, this smell was mixed with a faint medicinal fragrance. With the two mixed, the smell became a little odd.
Alex directly walked into a room. He lifted an expensive looking carpet off the ground.
A closed entrance was revealed under the carpet. It was a door made of alloy.
There was a biometric fingerprint lock on it.
Alex pointed at the door. “The Yin energy and bloody scent came from within this place,” he said.
Anna’s body was invaded by more Yin energy than the others. She shivered slightly before moving even closer to Alex. Her entire body was practically leaning against him on one side. It felt much better this way. Anna then pointed at the biometric fingerprint lock and started to speak “I’m afraid this will require Mr. Hanson’s fingerprint to unlock. I’ll call my colleague right now and get him to send the corpse over. ”
“That won’t be necessary,” Alex said shaking his head.
He walked over.


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