The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2188

Chapter 2188 The maid responded with a chuckle, “How can you misunderstand Mr. Southern Sr.‘s intention so much? You‘re his only daughter, so even if you get married, you‘ll still be his daughter. Why would he cut off his relationship with you just because you‘re married?” The other maid added, “Yes, although it‘s said that daughters and dead fish are no keeping wares, that‘s only feasible in certain situations. Mr. Southern Sr. loves you so much. There‘s no way that he‘ll refuse to recognize you as his daughter after you‘ve gotten married. A woman‘s maiden family will always be her biggest backing.” Cameron frowned. ‘It does seem that the dream is quite the opposite when compared to reality. How could Dad be as ruthless as he was in the dream? I might‘ve overthought this and gotten too anxious and worried.‘ 

The two maids exchanged gazes and giggled. “Ms. Southern all of us think Mr. Goldmann is a pretty good choice.” She was startled. “Care to elaborate on that?” “He looks handsome and charming, elegant and gentle. Also, he‘s always humble and polite, don‘t you think so?” Cameron was overwhelmed by the description. 

‘Handsome and charming looking, yes. ‘Humble and polite, I‘ll give him a pass. ‘Elegant and gentle? These might just be superficial. After all, I‘ve seen Wayne‘s ruthless side first–hand. This person‘s thoughts are extremely meticulous and delicate, and he‘s very observant as if nothing can be hidden from his sight.‘ In her eyes, being elegant and gentle could only be Waylon‘s facade. She shrugged. “He‘s alright.” 

The two maids were shocked and could not believe it. 

‘Mr. Goldmann is only an alright person to Ms. Southern!?‘ Cameron explained solemnly, “When a man looks too good, it only makes it easier for him to be promiscuous. I might consider him if he looked a little uglier than me.” 

What she wanted to say was that if he was inferior to her in terms of looks, then the person who could act promiscuously would be her. 

The two maids were at a loss for words. 

“Does that mean that you like ugly men, Ms. Southern?” 

Cameron was stunned and turned around subconsciously. 

Waylon had been standing behind him for some time, and he seemed to have heard what she had just said. 

The two maids quickly left the scene. Cameron looked at him. “How long has it been since you‘ve been standing here?» He answered instantly, “Just now.” Cameron narrowed her eyes. “So, did you hear what I just said?” Waylon smiled. “Do you plan to silence me?” She crossed her arms. “I‘m nowhere near strong enough to go against any one of the three forces that are about to go to war now.” 

Waylon was standing a short distance away from her, his figure blocking the light that was directly shining at her. Cameron was slightly flustered as she stared into his doubtful eyes. “In Bassburgh, I can only be considered an average–looking man.” 

Cameron was instantly astounded and frowned after a while. “You‘re only average–looking? You‘re being too modest now, aren‘t you?” 

‘He‘s just showing off now.‘ 

He nodded. “It‘s true.” 

Cameron burst into a chuckle but immediately restrained her expression. “Are you kidding 


‘I might not have been to Bassburgh, but I‘m not dumb.‘ 

He chuckled. “So, do you think I‘m a promiscuous man just because I look good?” She paused for a split second. “Isn‘t this a given?” After saying that, Cameron realized that something did not sound right. “Why are we talking about you?” “Weren‘t you referring to me when you made that statement?” Cameron was rendered speechless. 

There‘s no way I‘ll be able to explain myself now. Or does he know I was talking about him because he heard the maids complimenting him before that?‘ 

It was really embarrassing to be caught red–handed when bad–mouthing someone else. Cameron forced a smile. “I was just giving an example.” She was about to leave, but Waylon stopped her. “But you‘ve made such a blunt presumption about me. If this were to spread out to the public, wouldn‘t my reputation be severely damaged? What will others think of me? They‘ll think that I‘m just another scumbag.” 

“Why would men care about their reputation…” 

“Men do care about our reputation.” He looked earnest, or to be precise, extremely solemn.“ What kind of woman would marry a disreputable man? Would you do so?” 


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