The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1277

“Meow, meow, meow…”
Perhaps it was due to the presence of strangers, the black cats around the blood pool started meowing loudly. What was it like to hear a group of cats meowing together? Three to five cats meowing was already horrifying. Meanwhile, there were up to ten thousand cats meowing here!
It sounded like babies crying. The eerie yet willful crying made Alex Rockefeller and the rest feel extremely uncomfortable. They felt goosebumps all over their bodies, their hearts felt cold, and the soles of their feet felt chilly too.
“This… This… What is this?” Anna Coleman hugged Alex tightly as she stammered.
She realized that her sphincter muscles were a little tight. Her legs were gripping very tightly. If it weren’t for Alex’s broad back providing her an immense sense of security as well as pressing against her muscle, she might have peed herself from the fear.
Maya Howards wasn’t doing any better. Her face had turned pale, and she couldn’t help but lean over to hold Alex’s hand.
Apart from her instinctual fear, she felt that her understanding of Papa Hanson had been completely turned upside down. He had collected such a large blood pool in the place he lived, and he gathered such massive amounts of black cats to drain their blood.
What was he trying to do?
Moreover, Maya instantly recalled something. Back when she worked in Quois Haven, she’d seen Papa Hanson adopting black cats before. He even set up a cat adoption station once. He seemed to be especially fond of black cats. Back then, Maya simply thought that Papa Hanson was a very kind hearted man. Now, come to think of it, those black cats were all used by him for this purpose.
Suddenly, an eerie wind started to blow above the blood pool.
Immediately, up to ten thousand of those black cats that were meowing intensely seemed as if they had been given a command. Or it was perhaps they saw something terrifying. All their green eyes became wide and round, and their black fur also stood up. They all stopped meowing at once.
The place that was filled with hellish crying earlier suddenly became dead silent. The huge contrast was tough to get used to.
“Did… Did something come out from the blood pool?” Maya asked with a tone of uncertainty.
Alex nodded. “Yes!”
“Is there really something? What is it?” Anna asked.
“It’s a female ghost! I thought Mr. Hanson was a more humane member of the Blood Cult who only used cat blood but not human blood. It seems like I overestimated him. Quite a number of people had died in this blood pool!” Alex said.
Although the two women couldn’t see it clearly, Alex could see through everything. There were a total of nine women’s souls that emerged from the blood pool. These women’s souls had long turned into resentful spirits.
Since their corpses remained in this blood pool after they died, their souls became resentful spirits that resided in this place ever since.
“Ghosts?” Anna shuddered.
“That’s right. Would you like to see them?” Alex asked.
Although Anna was afraid, she was still Tigress from the Divine Constabulary. After adjusting herself a little, she finally mustered the courage to hop off Alex’s back.
After that, Alex activated the two women’s spiritual eyes to see the presence of ghosts.
“Oh my goodness!” As soon as Anna’s spiritual eyes were activated, she shouted out loud.
She noticed the female ghosts staring at her directly from two meters away. That feeling was way too terrifying!
“Maiko Chiba!” Alex took out the Stake of Exorcism and immediately summoned the Japanese female ghost general.
Maiko Chiba instantly appeared before them and bowed to Alex. “Master, what can I do for you?”


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