The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1278

With a single look, Alex Rockefeller’s gaze immediately shook.
He could see that Maiko Chiba wasn’t wearing any clothes at all.
Maya Howards and Anna Coleman, who just had their spiritual eyes activated, could see everything clearly.
Anna immediately looked at Alex oddly. “Master? Is the female ghost you raised? Why isn’t she wearing any clothes? She even looks so pretty. Could this be what you used to… Did you mirror her after Courtney Nicol’s beautiful looks?” Anna asked.
“Courtney Nicol’s beautiful looks? What the hell?” Alex exclaimed.
“A Japanese ghost!” Anna said.
Only then did Alex understand What she meant. He glared at her. “I’ll make her sleep with you tonight,” he said.
Anna instantly begged for forgiveness.
Finally, Alex turned to look at Maiko. “Where are your clothes?” he asked with a frown.
Maiko didn’t seem at all embarrassed. “I’m not a human. Why would I have clothes? Ever since I officially acquired the rank of ghost general, all the things that bound my identity before no longer existed. I have outgrown my looks as a ghost who wore clothes before. Now, this is the real me,” Maiko said gently and calmly.
Alex felt speechless.
However, after he searched for information about ghost cultivators in the Ultimate Book of Medicine, he discovered a passage describing how ghost generals were reincarnated.
Humans were able to reincarnate, and so were ghost cultivators.
After reincarnating, ghost cultivators could officially be considered as entering the cultivation phase. Even without their physical body, they wouldn’t die in the natural world for no reason. Instead, they could absorb some Earth essence, the essence of the Sun and Moon, or other types of energy to strengthen themselves. In fact, in the future, they could even progress further and become a Demonic God.
“Master, whatever you’d like me to wear, I’ll wear it. It can all be done at the snap of a finger. Do you like this?” Maiko later said.
After making a spin, Maiko reappeared in an incredibly s*xy outfit that involved a tiny thong.
“D*mn!” Alex stared straight ahead.
Maiko immediately changed into another even more s*xy outfit. Parts of her that should have been covered weren’t, and parts that didn’t need to be covered were.
Even Anna’s eyes lit up as she pointed at Alex. “Oh, I get it now! Master, you intentionally make her dress up in a s*xy outfit for your visual enjoyment! Master, your hobby is very masculine!”
Alex seemed annoyed.
“You, get changed into something normal. Otherwise, I’ll kill you with lightning! ” Alex yelled at Maiko.
After making another spin, Maiko changed into a regular outfit.
Upon taking another look, the resentful spirits of those women earlier had long disappeared.
Meanwhile, the black cats’ fur all stood up even further. They were all trembling too. This was because Maiko was a ghost of an even higher rank, and she terrified them.
“Those resentful spirits hiding in the blood pool are all yours now!” As soon as Alex said this, Maiko dived into the blood pool right away.
After ghosts turned into resentful spirits, it didn’t matter how kind they were back when they lived. After dying, they would only cause negative influences in the human world. Moreover, after coming inside, Alex noticed a blood rune spell formation on the back of the alloy door in the passageway. It was used to seal this blood pool away. Otherwise, these resentful spirits might go outside and harm other people.
Right then, Anna sighed. “Members of the Blood Cult really have hurt a lot of people! The ancestor of the Blood Cult back in Michigan’s Amaryllis Tower was like this. Now, the noodle restaurant’s owner seems even more terrifying than him! Say, why do you think he made such a big blood pool? Does he swim in it?” Anna asked.
Alex nodded. “You’re not wrong. In fact, he probably sleeps in there too,” he said.
“Sleep… Inside?” Anna nearly hit her tongue off.
Right then, Maiko finished her meal and resurfaced from the blood pool. A few resentful spirits were a piece of cake for a ghost general like Maiko.
“Master, there’s something at the bottom of the blood pool,” Maiko said after she came up.
“What is it?” Alex was stunned for a moment.
Maiko shook her head. “I’m not too sure. But I didn’t dare to get too close. It feels dangerous,” she said.


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