The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2186

Chapter 2186 The two of them stayed in the private room until noon before leaving. Waylon then sent Quincy back to the hotel. 

In the hotel lobby, when they ran into Saydie, Quincy‘s eyes lit up, and he rushed up to her with a wide grin, intending to hug her. “Baby!” 

Saydie stretched out her hand to stop him from approaching, “Who gave you the permission to call me by my name out here?” 

His expression looked extremely aggrieved. “I haven‘t seen you for so long, so why can‘t you let me hug you for a bit?” 

Saydie grabbed him by the collar. “Why didn‘t you notify me before you came to the East Islands?” 

‘Nobody told me that he‘s also included in the team that the Goldmanns sent here.‘ 

Quincy forced out a smile. “I‘m worried about you.” “Worry about yourself first, you rookie. I don‘t have the time to protect you here.” 

Quincy gave off a profound smile and held her hand. “Don‘t worry. I may be a rookie when it comes to combat, but I always do well with this great brain of mine.” 

Waylon smiled helplessly on the side and shook his head. 

At the same time… 

Donald met Fabio at the Ferry Winery Fabio confronted him about the fact that he had sent someone to kill him, and Donald laughed out loud. “You‘re one lucky b*stard. You actually know that you have to take refuge and side with the Southern Clan.” 

Fabio sneered. “Do you think that you‘ve won? Donald Matthews, your end might even be a lot worse than mine.” 

This sentence froze the atmosphere instantly. 

Donald‘s expression turned gloomy. He stared at Fabio, who was unmoved, and speculated about his thoughts. “But are you reconciled with the fact that you‘ve lost? Please remember that this is all caused by the Southern Clan, so will they let you get away with this even though you‘ve chosen to side with them now?” 

“Whether they‘ll let me get away with what I‘ve done is another story for another day. What I know now is that the person who wants me six feet under now is you, you b*stard.” Fabio poured the wine slowly and calmly, “I‘m not reconciled with everything that‘s happened. If I could go back in time, I‘d definitely get rid of you in the first place.” 

Donald burst into laughter. “Too bad you didn‘t.” Fabio‘s expression remained unchanged. “It doesn‘t matter. We‘ll each answer the question of dead or alive with a final battle someday.” Donald looked at him and said nothing.. 

Fabio finished drinking the wine in his glass and got up. “I‘ll make sure I‘m there to witness your miserable failure in the end.” After Fabio left, Donald‘s expression became gloomier, and he was sure that Fabio had indeed joined forces with the Southern Clan. He was really upset about the fact that he could not get rid of him the other day. 

Chunky walked up to him. “Sir, Fabio joining forces with the Southern Clan isn‘t good news for you.” 

Donald pinched the foot of the wine glass. “Do you really think that I‘m unaware of that? The men we sent last time have failed, and it‘ll even be more difficult for us to kill him from now on. Not to mention that the Southern Clan will send someone to follow him around.” 

Chunky hesitated. “Then what should we do now?” 

“We can only strike first, and fast.” Donald pinched the glass, swirled it lightly, and his eyes turned grim. “Doesn‘t Mr. Southern Sr. care about his daughter the most?” 

“Are you referring to Ms. Southern? But her combat skills…” 

Chunky did not continue talking. Even though Cameron was a woman, the top–class assassins they had sent to kill her had all died, so it was conceivable that she was no less skilled than those men. 

Donald smirked. “No matter how good she is, there will be times when she‘s not being careful.” 

‘As long as Cameron is in our captivity, I‘ll never be afraid of the Southern Clan.‘ The next day… When Cameron was having breakfast, she looked at the vacant seat across the table and sank deep in thought. Waylon indeed did not come back to their residence. Recently there had been so many people around the dining table during mealtimes, but there was one less now, and she was a little depressed about it. Sunny normally ate as if nothing had happened. He then glanced at Cameron, who did not eat very much and hinted, “Daughters and dead fish are no keeping wares. This old saying seems to be somewhat true.” 

She looked a little confused. “What does that mean?” 

“I think that your mind isn‘t even here with us.” Sunny raised his eyebrows, “What‘s wrong? Are you not used to it now that Willy isn‘t here?” 

Cameron choked on her words and then explained, “What‘s there to get used to? Isn‘t this the usual norm before Wayne‘s appearance?” 


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