The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1279

After hearing what Maiko Chiba said, Alex Rockefeller scratched his head. He was put in a tight spot now.
This blood pool was filled with sticky blood from black cats. There was probably even human blood from those nine resentful spirits before they died. Moreover, if Alex’s guess wasn’t wrong, those nine people could very likely be people with unique bloodlines too. They were the kind of people with activated bloodlines.
The problem was that the blood pool was way too disgusting. How would an ordinary person like Alex dare to go down there?
However, he came looking for this place to search for treasures.
Now that Maiko seemed to have discovered a treasure down there, there was no reason for him not to get it.
“Is there any way to drain the blood from this blood pool?” Alex asked.
“Why don’t I have a go at it?” Maya Howards said right then.
Alex nodded without refusing her suggestion.
After that, he saw Maya walking up to the blood pool. She placed one hand above the blood pool.
Silver Frost was activated.
Immediately, the temperature around Maya began to drop. The spot she stood on even turned white with frost. Meanwhile, the part of the blood pool that came into contact with her palm started to emanate cold air. A thin layer of ice began to form on the surface of the blood pool.
After that, the ice rapidly spread. It was going to freeze up the entire blood pool.
Alex’s eyes lit up.
He had created Silver Frost by using only a tiny section of the Ultimate Book of Medicine, but he had never tried cultivating it. He didn’t expect it to have such great results on Maya.
Meanwhile, Anna was utterly shocked. She was awfully envious.
Anna tugged at Alex’s hand. “Master, what kind of martial arts is this? Isn’t it way too amazing?” she asked softly.
“Silver Frost!” Alex said.
“Can I learn it?” Anna asked.
“No, you can’t,” Alex said.
Anna immediately pulled at her hair. “I knew it. Only your women can acquire your true legacy. Look, I’ve called you Master so many times, but you’ve not taught me a single bit of martial arts!” Anna complained.
Alex looked at her. “You think too much,” he said.
“Not at all. This is the truth. Why don’t I stop being your disciple and become your woman instead? What do you think?” Anna asked.
Alex shook his head. “It’s really not what you think. It’s because Maya’s body has a unique bloodline compared to ordinary people. Look, from the time she first started cultivating, it’s only been three months. Now, she’s already a half-stepped Grandmaster. Who else could progress as fast as her? Even the youngest Earth rank experts, who claim to be the number one genius in America, are just pieces of trash compared to Maya,” Alex said.
Anna was dumbfounded by what she heard.
From a person without any martial arts foundation, Maya had become a half-stepped Grandmaster in three months. What kind of concept was this?
Even taking a rocket to space wouldn’t be this fast.
However, Alex had no reason to lie to Anna about things like this… Anna had met Maya a long time ago. Indeed, Maya looked very ordinary back then, unlike how she was now. Now, with the flip of her hand, Maya could turn an entire pool of blood into ice.
Right then, Alex dashed over to Maya.
The blood pool was honestly too big. Freezing the entire blood pool by herself was still a little too energy consuming. By the end of it, Maya found it a little difficult to continue using her Chi energy. Alex quickly pressed his hand on her back and transferred spiritual energy continuously into her body. Since Silver Frost originated from the Ultimate Book of Medicine, Alex’s spiritual power could pass through her body without affecting her at all.
In the next second, the cold energy in Maya’s body became even more concentrated.
Cold air started vaporizing above the blood pool, releasing a sizzling sound. The temperature in the entire space was dropping rapidly.
Even the blood dripping from the tubes connected to the ten thousand black cats had become frozen within.
“Whew..!” Maya pulled her palm away and let out a long sigh of relief.
With a slight shake of her hand, the icicles that had formed on her hand from the black cats’ blood instantly shattered and fell off. Maya then wiped the sweat off her forehead before looking over at Alex.
“This blood pool is much deeper than I had imagined. I nearly collapsed,” Maya said.
Alex hugged her and laughed. “You did great. I didn’t think Silver Frost could produce such magnificent results when used under extreme circumstances. With you in the house, we won’t even need a refrigerator anymore,” Alex said.


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