The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1280

Maiko Chiba floated above the blood pool. When she saw how it turned into a huge pool of bloody ice, she felt equally amazed.
Anna Coleman tried stepping onto the blood pool, and she realized that it was very firm. She wasn’t afraid of falling at all.
“Mrs. Rockefeller, you really are amazing! If I had abilities like this, I’d wake up smiling from my dreams!” Anna exclaimed.
Maya Howards chuckled. “You can get your master to create a set of customized cultivation techniques for you. To be honest, a technique like turning water into ice isn’t complicated!”
After that, Alex Rockefeller also hopped onto the blood pool and broke it with brute force.
With a single punch, he created a massive hole in the pool.
Boom, boom, boom!
According to the direction Maiko had pointed out earlier, Alex directly created a massive pit in the pool of frozen blood by punching it. Together, the three of them moved those cubes of frozen blood out of the way.
When everyone looked at the bottom of the blood pool, they indeed saw several corpses.
But this wasn’t the main point.
The main point was that they saw a rectangular pit in the center of the blood pool. Inside the pit, there was something that looked like a box made of glass.
Due to a large number of blood marks on it, they couldn’t see clearly what the box contained.
Maiko pointed at the box. “Master, this is it. I feel there is a lot of danger in it. As soon as I got close, my body trembled all over.”
Without Maiko having to explain it again, Alex and the rest also felt it.
The glass box was emanating waves of Yin energy.
“What is inside this box?” Anna was very curious.
She stepped onto the box and used her shoe to wipe off the blood marks. She then looked downward… In the next second, she jumped. Fortunately, Alex was observant and agile enough to catch her in his arms. Otherwise, she would’ve fallen to the ground.
“Inside… There’s someone inside!” Anna stammered. She was nearly scared out of her wits.
Alex couldn’t resist laughing. “It’s just a human’s corpse. You’re the battle god, Tigress, from the Divine Constabulary. Are you actually afraid of a corpse? People would laugh their teeth off if word got out,” Alex said.
Maya also looked over. “Alex, look at this person. It’s really quite strange. It doesn’t look like a corpse at all. In fact, she’s quite pretty! This is probably a frozen coffin. The body is very well preserved!”
As Maya spoke, she activated Silver Frost to freeze the blood on the box completely and shattered it. In the next second, a complete, clean, and flawless crystal coffin appeared before their eyes.
A young, pretty girl was lying in it. She looked to be around the age of seventeen or eighteen.
Wearing a clean, breezy dress, she lay silently inside the frozen coffin. It was almost as if she had fallen asleep.
Anna shook her head and sighed softly. “Such a pretty girl. I wonder how she’s related to the noodle restaurant’s owner. Could this be his biological daughter?”
Earlier, Alex’s vision was blocked by Anna. He hadn’t seen what the female corpse really looked like.
Now that he’d let go of Anna, he stared at the corpse.
In the next second, Alex seemed as if he had been struck by lightning. “Her… How can it be her?” Alex asked.
“Do you know her?” Anna asked.
Alex nodded. “Her name is Hayley Hanson. She was my high-school classmate,” he said.


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