The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2193

Chapter 2193 Cameron‘s shoulders started shaking after holding her head down for a long time. Before the man could think, she started laughing. The man felt chills, as well as that she was mocking her, so he grabbed her hair and yelled,” What the f*ck are you laughing at!?“. 

Cameron opened her eyes. Her cold eyes were bloodshot, and her eyelids looked swollen.” People who are rude to me never have happy endings.” 

Before he could process what Cameron said, the latter got rid of her restraints and wrapped the rope around his throat tightly. The man kicked around while his face was swollen and red as he was running out of breath. 

The other man put Cameron in a chokehold to try to get her away, but she twisted his finger upward. He let go because of the pain, but Cameron grabbed onto his arm and twisted it, dislocating it. 

The man who was strangled slowly ran out of breath while Cameron put a foot on his head. Half his face was on the food on the floor. 

Cameron looked down at him with no expression. “Eat like a dog. You‘re doing a good job right now.” 

A series of footsteps sounded from outside. Cameron closed and locked the door and looked back at the man. 

The man looked terrified and quickly moved backward. “Don‘t kill me, don‘t–” There was a knock on the door. 

Cameron picked up the chair and threw it at the window. After a few hits, a crack formed on the glass. She kicked it and escaped through it. 

Someone on the top deck chased after her. “She escaped!” 

Cameron climbed down on the pipes and noticed that someone was on the deck, so she took a deep breath and jumped into the sea without hesitation. Water splashed everywhere, and the cold seawater enveloped her diving body. All noises disappeared. 

She wanted to swim upward, but her leg started cramping. She opened her mouth and swallowed some seawater. 

_‘I can‘t be that unfortunate…‘ 

Cameron started losing consciousness and body heat, making her feel cold, as if she was being swallowed by darkness. 

She started hallucinating that someone was swimming toward her, closer and closer, until they finally grabbed onto her wrist and hugged her waist. ‘Who is it?‘ 

She lost consciousness and closed her eyes. “Cameron! Cameron!” She could hear someone calling her name, but her eyes were too heavy. She was tightly hugged. 

“Cameron, don‘t fall asleep!” 

“Cam, my dear Cam, wake up.” 

It was white everywhere, as if there was no end. Cameron heard a voice and slowly opened her 


A woman was sitting next to her bed and touched her hair gently. “My dear Car, it‘s daytime now. Why are you still in bed?” Her eyes finally focused. “Mom?” The woman lowered her head to kiss her forehead. “I‘m going to the sea with your dad today. Stay home and listen to the butler. I‘ll give you your birthday present when I come home.” 

Cameron closed her eyes. “Come back soon with Dad.” 

The scene changed… There was a storm at the pier. The young Cameron stood under the umbrella the butler was holding, waiting for the team to get back, but her mother wasn‘t with them. 

Everyone was drowned in sorrow, including Sunny. 

Sunny stood in the rain, and his eyes were hollow and filled with sadness. He looked as if he was a decade older. 

“I feel so bad for Mr. Southern for losing his mother on his birthday.” “I heard that the ship bumped into some traffickers. Mrs. Southern was stabbed while trying to rescue a child and drowned after being pushed into the sea. Mr. Southern was having a business meeting and didn‘t make it back in time.” Sunny and Cameron were devastated. 


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