The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2194

Chapter 2194 “Sigh, that‘s life.” The butler hugged Cameron by her shoulders and looked doleful. “Sir.” Cameron didn‘t cry her heart out but instead looked pale and void of emotions, like a hollow body. Suddenly, she had a surge of bravery and ran into the rain. 


She came to Sunny in the pouring rain. His head hung low, avoiding her eyes. She tugged at his hand. “Where‘s Mom?” 

He didn‘t speak. 

Cameron shook his arm when a tear fell. “Mom said that she was going to bring my present back. Why isn‘t she back yet? Why did she lie? Does she not love me anymore?” Sunny‘s body felt weak as the rain fell on his face and blended in with his tears. He handed her the present that he was clutching. 

Cameron took the box and cried out loud. 

Sunny knelt, hugged her, and said in a hoarse voice, “Cam, it‘s my fault. I shouldn‘t have let her on the boat. I‘m sorry.” Cameron cried until she lost her voice. 

She didn‘t love the sea because it was where her mother met with her untimely death, but she still traveled by sea with her father and never mentioned it to anyone. 

She hated the bad people, so she had to become stronger, so strong that no one could bully the people around her. 

She felt that her mother‘s death was her father‘s fault. She wouldn‘t have died if he hadn‘t left her mother on the boat because of his business. 

But one day, Sunny brought a girl who was around her age to her. “Cam, this is Mahina. She was the child your mother saved on the day of her accident.” 

The first time Cameron saw Mahina, the latter was only skin and bones and was covered in wounds. 

When she remembered that her mother had died because of this girl, she rejected her. 

Sunny told her Mahina was a girl that was trafficked and didn‘t know who her parents were, nor had she ever seen them. Her wounds were all from beatings, and she was extremely skinny because she didn‘t sleep or eat well. She was seven but looked like she was four or five because she was severely malnourished. 

Mahina had escaped to the boat and bumped into Cameron‘s mother. She saw that she was a pitiful girl, so she didn‘t send her away and even gave her food. 

Mahina remembered Cameron‘s mother for saving her life and felt very guilty because Cameron lost her mom because of herself. However, when her mother saved her, she must have thought that someone would do the same if it was her daughter who was in trouble 

Cameron‘s mother had a big heart and was admired by many. Even though it wasn’t her own child, when she knew the child was in danger, she did all she could to save her. To others, saving someone while sacrificing themselves might not be worth it, but if her child thought so too, her sacrifice would have been meaningless. 

She might just hope that her child would one day do the same to save someone. 

That was why Cameron thought that her mother was naive. Why did she sacrifice her life to save someone else? It wasn‘t worth it. 

Mahina said, “I will save you when you‘re in trouble in the future.” 

Cameron turned her face away. “There‘s no need.” After a pause, she whispered, “I can save and protect myself. I will become stronger so that no one can hurt me and I can protect the people around me. I don‘t want anyone to sacrifice for me, and I won‘t do that either.” 


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