The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1281

While Alex Rockefeller looked at the girl in the frozen coffin, he had an incomparably complicated look in his eyes. He felt shocked, nostalgic, hurt, or perhaps even a little bit of everything.
Maya Howards and Anna Coleman both looked at Alex in surprise. “Are you sure? Did you mistake her for someone else? This… This girl that’s hidden underneath the blood pool… Is she really your high school classmate?”
Alex nodded once more. “I can’t be wrong. She is indeed my high school classmate. She even sat next to me back then,” Alex said.
“This is honestly… Way too unbelievable,” Anna said.
Maya, on the other hand, noticed that the girl’s name was Hayley Hanson. Meanwhile, the owner of Quois Haven also had Hanson as his surname.
“This means she really is Papa Hanson’s biological daughter!” Maya exclaimed.
“But why did he keep her here?” she asked.
This was the part Maya couldn’t quite figure out.
Being an attentive person, Anna could see rows of words on all four sides of the frozen coffin’s walls through the glass. Under the circumstances, and due to the angle, however, she couldn’t see the words very clearly. “There are words down there!” she pointed with her finger and said.
Alex formed a large palm with his spiritual power and grabbed the frozen coffin out of the pit. He placed it somewhere nearby. When they looked at the inner wall of the pit again, they could see everything clearly.
“What are these?”
Anna shook her head. “These don’t look like normal words,” she said.
“This is an ancient text, and this is a spell formation,” Alex said.
Cocking his head, he looked at the crystal coffin. Suddenly, he had an inkling about the entire thing. Traces of Hayley Hanson from the past began to appear in his mind.
“My name is Hayley Hanson. Pleased to meet you!” That was how Hayley introduced herself when they first met.
Hayley was beautiful, and she was also very tall. At the age of fifteen, she was already towering at 170cm. Since she could only sit in the last row, the class teacher arranged for her to sit next to Alex. After that, she joined the ranks as one of the most popular girls at school.
“Alex, why do you sleep in class every day? You can’t do that!”
“Alex, you’re a pig!”
“Alex, the school is organizing an arts festival. I really can’t find anyone. Help me out by playing the piano. I’ll buy you a meal later.”
“Pig head! Somebody bullied me!”
“Hey, Pig head… I’m leaving. I can’t take the university entrance exam with you, and I can’t get into university with you anymore. I must go somewhere far, far away… That’s right. I’m leaving the country. My father is migrating with our entire family. We might not be able to return! Don’t miss me. Forget it. You won’t remember me anyway!”
That evening, Hayley suddenly approached Alex and bid farewell to him. She gave him a bracelet before she left.
Back then, Alex was outraged. They had agreed to take the university entrance exam together and go to the same university. ‘What’s up with you suddenly migrating out of the country? You won’t even tell me where you’re going. Is this what you call a real friendship?’ thought Alex.
“Hayley, how could you leave just like that?”
“Do you even think of me as a friend? I won’t miss you. Go wherever you want. I don’t want to ever see you again in this lifetime. I don’t want your lousy bracelet!”
It was then that Alex tossed the bracelet back to Hayley. It hit Hayley on her back. Because Alex used a lot of force, the bracelet fell to the ground after hitting Hayley, and it broke. The beads fell off and scattered around the floor.
Hayley stood still without moving an inch. Her shoulders vibrated softly, but she didn’t turn around at all.
“Whatever. Anyway… I don’t care about you either, pig head!” Hayley said in the end.
After saying that, Hayley left quietly. It was three months before the university entrance exam at that time.
Ever since that day, Hayley seemed to have disappeared entirely from Alex’s life, leaving not a single trace behind. Alex used to hope that it was just one of Hayley’s jokes, that after a few days, she might suddenly appear by his side, telling him not to sleep in class, telling him not to copy her homework, and occasionally bringing him breakfast.
However, she didn’t. It was as if she had evaporated into thin air.
Alex tried looking for her through all his connections, but he couldn’t find her.
Even records of her house address and family relations in the school’s archives were blurry and ineligible. Alex couldn’t find Hayley at all.
Now that Alex looked into the crystal coffin again, he saw that the girl was dressed exactly as she did on the evening of the day she left!
‘It turns out that the faraway place you mentioned wasn’t abroad. Instead, you’ve been silently lying down here, a place where nobody knew,’ Alex thought.
While Alex touched the crystal coffin, gazing at the girl inches away from him, his heart trembled softly.
A teardrop trickled down.
“Do you like Hayley?” Nicholas Hudson asked Alex once.
Back then, Alex had answered him as such. “Tsk, I don’t like that nosy girl. She’s always ordering me around with that feathered stick. In the future, she’ll definitely become a woman that nags a lot. I don’twant to have a control freak as a wife!”
When Alex said that, however, he felt a sweetness in his heart.


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