The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1282

Without Hayley Hanson keeping an eye on him, Alex Rockefeller probably wouldn’t even have made it into a third-rate university.
To be honest, being watched over by someone was a sort of happiness on its own.
That was probably what “young love” referred to!
“Alex, what happened to you?” Maya Howards saw Alex behaving oddly, and she saw a tear falling down his cheeks. For some unknown reason, her heart ached. She rarely saw Alex in such a state.
Meanwhile, Anna Coleman, being the tigress she was, started speaking straightforwardly. “Hey, master. What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying?”
Maya glared at Anna.
A single glare was enough to make Anna freeze. Anna was actually feeling afraid. She then obediently kept her mouth shut.
“She sat next to me in class! Since the first day of senior high, we’ve sat next to each other for three years. Three months before the university entrance exam, she suddenly disappeared. She’s… A very good friend of mine!” Alex said.
Maya fell silent, and so did Anna.
“This means that Hayley really is Papa Hanson’s biological daughter. But why did he bury her in this blood pool? Why did he use so much blood from black cats to feed her? Could he be hoping to revive her?” Maya said after a while.
Alex was slightly stunned.
This was a likely possibility!
Could Hayley have suffered from a terminal illness and discovered that he had little time left? Was this why she was forced to stop school and ended up sealed away in this place?
When this thought came to Alex’s mind, even he became a little shocked.
He quickly checked on Hayley’s condition inside the frozen coffin. However, it was difficult to find out how she was doing based on his observational Chi alone.
Alex found the switch on the side to open the coffin. After flicking it on, the coffin’s lid slowly opened, exposing Hayley’s body.
As soon as Hayley came into contact with the outside air, her face gradually turned from the reddish tone it was before to a pale white.
Meanwhile, Hayley’s heart actually started to make a soft beating sound.
“She’s still alive!” Alex was both shocked and joyful.
Meanwhile, Maya could hear the soft beating from Hayley’s heart as well. “Is she really still alive?” Maya was incomparably shocked.
“That’s right. She’s still alive. She can still be saved!” Alex exclaimed.
If Hayley’s heart was beating, it meant she still had a pulse.
Alex immediately checked Hayley’s pulse. Using his spiritual power, he tried to protect her body. However, just as Alex tried to transfer spiritual power into Hayley’s body, her body reacted.
Her condition had worsened. Her face became even paler, and she was barely breathing.
Not only was Alex’s spiritual power not healing Hayley’s body, but it was destroying the remaining functions in her body that still worked.
Alex was shocked. He quickly withdrew his spiritual power.
Right after that, he used his ordinary Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell. Only then did Hayley’s condition stabilize.
“How did it go? Can you save her?” Maya asked.
Alex shook his head. “Her body has a unique condition. I can’t think of a way in such a short while… Looks like Papa Hanson created the huge formation under the villa to save his daughter.”
After thinking for a while, Alex jumped into the pit earlier to check out the spell formation with the ancient text.
Alex discovered that this formation was the Life Extension Spell Formation from the chapter on witch doctors in the Ultimate Book of Medicine. However, Mr. Hanson clearly didn’t learn all of it. He ended up creating an incomplete formation. After that, he thought of using the Blood Cult’s Bloodthirsty Demonic Art to make up for the incomplete portion.
Not only did it require a vast pool of blood, but it also needed special blood from individuals with unique bloodlines, as well as their bloodline’s energy, to maintain this incomplete spell formation.
“Sigh. Although there’s only a slight difference, it could result in a huge mistake! How did you think of using demonic cultivation to make up for the Zharvakko spell formation?” Alex asked out loud.
With a flip of his hand, Alex summoned the Dragon Bone Sword. It instantly started carving on the stone walls, correcting the original mistakes on the Life Extension Spell Formation. After that, Alex placed the crystal coffin back in its original spot.
“Master, why did you put it back in there?” Anna asked.
“This place is beneficial for her. We’ll temporarily keep her here. We’ll come back for her once I think of a way,” Alex answered.
“Could she be a member of the Blood Cult too?” Anna asked.
“Impossible!” Alex was stunned momentarily.
“Even if she were, I’d still want to save her,” he added after a pause.
“Don’t worry. I’ll keep it a secret for you,” Anna said.
Alex found no treasure, but he ended up finding a female classmate he had a crush on before. Alex had a lot of mixed emotions. After that, they left the underground blood pool and returned to the villa to continue looking for evidence.
However, there wasn’t any clue that linked them to the Blood Cult.
Despite that, Anna found a journal in a room. “Master, I found a journal. Your picture is on it!” she called out.


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