The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2192

Chapter 2192 Donald stood on the deck while Chunky walked toward him. “Sir.” He took out a pack of cigarettes and held one between his fingers. “Get someone to deliver a message to Sunny that we have his daughter. The decision is in his hands.” Chunky nodded. 

Cameron sat on the bed, and there were deep marks from the abrasion around her wrists because she struggled. 

Even though the pepper spray was sprayed on her eyes, it wasn‘t all of it, so she wouldn‘t be blind. She slowly opened her eyes. It still hurt, and her eyes were so sensitive that even a little sunlight would make them hurt. She clicked her tongue and gave up on struggling, then lay down on the bed sideways and laughed at herself. “If I keep walking by the river, my feet will eventually get wet.” 

Someone opened the door and entered. The person placed down some food and sounded rude. “Ms. Southern, eat when you‘re hungry. No one will be serving you.” 

Cameron got up. When her eyes finally adjusted to the brightness, she squinted and walked toward the table. They served steak but didn‘t give her a knife. 

Cameron smirked. She knew they didn’t give her a knife so that she couldn‘t use it as a weapon. 

She remembered something, then walked behind the door and kicked it. “How am I supposed to eat if you don‘t untie me?” 

Someone was guarding outside. “Figure it out. No one is going to serve you.” Cameron leaned behind the door. “You might as well give me dog food then. I won‘t need to use my hands. If not, untie me, or I won‘t eat. I‘m not afraid of dying of hunger because it‘s just going to make your lives harder.” 

There was silence for a while before the door opened. 

Cameron‘s eyes were still shut. “Untie me. I‘m blind. Do you think I might run away?” 

The two men looked at each other. They didn‘t dare untie her without orders from Donald because the Southerners were cunning. 

The man said, “I‘m sorry, but you‘ll need to speak to Mr. Matthews about that.” She didn‘t care. “Get him then.” The man was annoyed. “Mr. Matthews is a busy man. He doesn‘t have time for you.” Cameron turned her face away. “You want me to speak to him, but now you‘re saying he won‘t have time for me. Just say you won‘t untie me. Take the food away. I don‘t mind starving to death.” 

The man lost his patience. “F*ck! Do you think I won‘t hit you because you‘re a Southern? Try 

making a scene and see if I beat you up.” Cameron smirked. “Do it then. I‘m blind and tied up. Are you afraid that the two of you won‘t be able to win if we fight?” The man grabbed her by the collar with a scowl. “You think I won‘t?” Another man immediately tried to stop him. “Calm down. She‘s a cunning woman. Don‘t fall for her tricks.” 

Cameron doubled down. “If I had a plan, I wouldn‘t be tied up here. You overestimate me. Please, just understand that I just want to eat. Is it possible without my hands?” 

The man shoved her. 

Cameron lost her balance and fell to the floor. 

The man poured the food in front of her. “Enough. I‘m going to treat you like a dog. Clean it off the floor.” 

Cameron glanced at the food on the floor, her complexion looking dark. She didn‘t move. The man pushed her head down. “Why aren‘t you eating? Go ahead. Lick it up from the floor.” 


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