The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1283

Alex Rockefeller was stunned for a moment. He immediately grabbed the journal away from Anna Coleman.
However, the first thing that came into sight was a picture. It was a picture of himself and Hayley Hanson.
At the time, he had sprawled all over the desk in class while he napped. Hayley moved her head close and used her phone to take a selfie of the two of them. When Alex saw this, he couldn’t even recall when she had taken this photo. She even printed it out.
In fact, there were a few words behind the photo. “Me and pig head!”
When Alex looked at the journal again, he felt even more mixed emotions.
Hayley had started writing this journal when they entered the third year of senior high. Every journal entry she wrote included the word “pig-head”.
If there wasn’t a photo as proof, and if Alex had seen the journal on its own, he wouldn’t even know what “pig-head” represented.
Anna looked at Alex with a strange expression. “Master, it turns out that she’s not just the classmate who sat next to you. She’s also the first person to have a crush on you! Sigh. Look at these words. They completely represent the thoughts of a young girl in love. See what you did. You’ve already started hurting people when you were in middle school! Did you toy with her feelings and abandoned her in the end? After that, you forced her into committing suicide. Is that why she ended up like this?”
Alex glared at Anna twice. He then waved at Maiko Chiba. “Maiko, come and make her shut up.”
Maiko rushed over. “Master, are you asking me to kill her?”
Anna was shocked. She didn’t know how to fight a ghost general.
Alex immediately choked on his own words. “I only asked you to shut her up.”
“Oh!” Maiko’s following action was a little brutal. She directly kissed Anna on the mouth.
Anna was so terrified that she gave out a loud cry. However, the cries soon became a muffle. She really could feel a mouth on her lips. However, the problem was that she couldn’t push it away even after she tried. Each time she tried to push forward, she’d touch nothing but air.
In the end, even her muffled yelps disappeared.
The world became quiet.
Alex held the journal in his hand and started reading it with a melancholic expression on his face. By the end of the journal, he read something like this, “I’ll be leaving very soon. I have one hour left!”
“I might stay in a deep slumber forever in the underground, and I’ll never get to see sunlight again. One day, I’ll just die properly!”
“Goodbye, my little pig! I know you’ll be mad, and I know you’ll hate me. But this is the fairest way for you! Without me nagging beside you all the time, you ought to be happier! I hope I can still dream. I hope that my dream will still have you in it!”
Alex felt as if his heart was getting chopped into pieces. However, he still couldn’t figure out the reason for all this.
He started flipping to the front of the journal and carefully read through the lines to look for the reason.
Finally, he saw it.
It was actually a curse!
Blood Curse!
It was written on the journal.
“This day has finally arrived! Dad told me that I inherited a curse from my mother. I didn’t believe it at first. But this morning, when I woke up, I discovered Benny dead on my bed. I knew this was the fate that I couldn’t escape from!”
“Dad said I could slow the curse down by drinking human blood, but I didn’t want to become a female demon like that!”
“I’m a human, not a demon! If I drink blood, he will definitely think I’m a monster. He’ll despise me.”
“I don’t want to!”
“I’d rather die!”
‘A curse?’
Alex closed his eyes. After that, he rushed over to the underground pool of blood to re-examine Hayley’s body. However, he still couldn’t find anything.
That was because he knew nothing about the Blood Curse. He didn’t know what it was at all. Even if he had the Ultimate Book of Medicine, he was helpless. The only way to lift the curse was to first understand its source.


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