The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2196

Chapter 2196 Cameron was momentarily stunned and fell silent. 

Honestly, she did not know why she wanted to jump, either. She hated the sea, but she was still living on the island. She woke up to the sea every day but just couldn‘t bring herself to like it. 

Cameron chose to stay in her room whenever she went to the sea to do business. She would never stay on the deck if she had nothing to do. When she found Nollace at sea, she had asked her crew to fish him out. 

In fact, she did not have to save him at all. 

After all, she did not have to care if he was alive or dead. But perhaps she thought about how her mother died in that freezing sea, so she changed her mind. 

Why would she choose to jump at that time? Was it because she did not want to fall into Donald‘s hands and bring trouble to the Southern Clan? She was not sure about it. 

Cameron glanced at the pink pig plushie in Waylon‘s hand as a trace of disgust crossed her eyes. “What are you? Kid? Don‘t you feel embarrassed?” 

Waylon chuckled, “This is a gift for you.” She thought her ears had failed her as she couldn‘t believe what she had heard. “What?” ‘Is he serious? He‘s going to give this ugly plushie to me? What am I? A kid?‘ Waylon dusted the dress on the piglet plushie and said, “Don‘t you think it looks a lot like 


“Something must be wrong with your eyes.” 

‘How could he say this thing looks like me? Am I Pigsy the Piglet!?‘ Waylon leaned forward and said, “Your eyes are still swollen.” Cameron touched her eyes and asked, “Are they?” “Yeah,” he replied flatly. Then, he suppressed the urge to laugh and handed the plushie to her. “Its eyes are swollen too.” Cameron was rendered speechless. 

She grabbed the pink pig plushie and fell back down. Initially, she thought she would throw the plushie away, but she did not know why there was a voice inside of her telling her that she should not throw it away. As such, she put it to the side and closed her eyes. Waylon stretched his hand and placed it on her forehead, stunning her. The back of his palm was cold, and she felt comfortable. ‘Wait a second! What is he doing?‘ “You still have a fever. It has been two days,” said Waylon. Suddenly, he realized that her cheeks were getting redder, and he chuckled, “What happened? What are you blushing at?” Cameron turned sideways as she did not want to see him. The tips of her ears were as red as 

cooked shrimps, and she pushed his hand away. “Get off me.” 

The smile on his face deepened. “That’s why I said you look like a pig.” 

“Shut up.” 

He leaned closer. “Why should I?” 

“You–” Cameron was infuriated. She turned her head around, and when her lips accidentally grazed through the corner of his lips, she was stunned. 

Waylon’s face was very close to her now, so close that she could even count his eyelashes. 

Cameron couldn’t come around to her senses for a long time as his warm breath enveloped her. They were not touching each other intimately. It was just a simple graze on his lips, yet it tickled her heart. 

Her heartbeat raced, and when she finally came around to her senses, she grabbed his shoulder and pushed him away from her. “Don’t get so close all of a sudden.” 

Waylon raised his eyebrows. “It was you who suddenly approached me.” 

She was stumped. “It’s you.” 

He chuckled. “Alright, it’s me.” 

Cameron was dumbfounded. She did not know if her brain was playing a trick on her or not, but she felt that Waylon had become a different person now. 

She averted her gaze and said, “I need to rest.” 

Waylon placed his hands on her shoulders and pressed her back on the bed. She looked at him. blankly and set her jaw tightly. After tugging her in, he said, “Rest well.” 

After Waylon left the ward, Cameron placed her hand over her heart which was racing rapidly. Her heart had been fluttering so fast that she began to wonder if she was having a heart attack 

or not. 


Donald was infuriated that Cameron had run away. He killed those two men and threw their bodies into the sea. 

Donald’s face was dark as he was standing with his hands behind his back on the deck. Chunky walked up to him and turned his head around. 

“There’s a change of plan. Gather all the members of the Skull Club. Tell them to get ready. If those people under Fabio still refuse to give in, kill them off.” 


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