The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2197

Chapter 2197 

Donald was going to take over all of Fabio‘s territory on the island today. This would be the only way if he wanted to go up against the Southern Clan. Chunky nodded. “Roger that, sir.‘ 

The Southern Clan soon learned that Donald had taken over the southwest district. However, due to the cruelty of the Skull Club, several organizations in the southwest district refused to comply with Donald‘s orders. 

The shops were closed due to the chaos there. Even the passersby and local tourists were affected and had no choice but to hide in hotels. 

Sunny, Waylon, and others gathered in a private room in Yuzu Villa to figure out a way to solve this issue. 

After listening to Mahina‘s report, Quincy commented angrily, “The way Donald does this will only leave the East Islands with a bad reputation. It‘ll also affect the business of the Southern Clan. If he does take control of Fabio‘s territory, I‘m afraid the public won‘t accept it.” 

“Since he‘s doing this, it means he doesn‘t care about the outcome anymore. He just needs to take over Fabio‘s territory and get his people for his own use,” Waylon said flatly. 

Sunny nodded. “He‘s worried that we‘ll go after him since he kidnapped Cam. If we make a move now, he‘ll do whatever he can to fight us, even if it means his own downfall.” 

After he finished talking, he rose to his feet slowly and walked up to the window. “Even if we‘re going up against a group of outlaws, I don‘t want anyone to sacrifice themselves. There are many innocent tourists and businessmen on the East Islands. We must ensure their safety.” 

At the same time, Quincy received a call. The person on the other side of the line said something, and he smiled. “Alright. Got it.” 

He turned his head around and said to them, “Interpol has arrived on the island. With the people from Metropolis on the island, I think it‘s enough for now.” Sunny turned around and replied, “Alright. I‘ll ask my men to cooperate with them.” 

It was a hot day, but dark clouds enveloped the island, and a sudden downpour washed over it. 

Several cars were heading toward the southwest district. After they entered the town, the streets were empty, and there were very few vehicles. A local guard stopped their vehicles. The driver lowered the window and pulled out his ID card. 

The moment the man saw the ID card, his expression changed. Before he could do anything, a police officer got out of the car at the back, pounced on him, and pinned him on the ground. At the Southwest Villas… 

Donald pushed open the door and entered the villa. He looked around at the luxurious and 

impressive decoration and said inwardly, ‘Everything here will be mine from today onward.‘ When Fabio heard the commotion, he came downstairs and asked, “What are you doing here, Donald?” Chunky sent someone to take Fabio down, forcing him to get down to his knees.‘ Fabio looked at Donald and snarled, “Are you mad!? How dare you and your men barge into my territory!?” 

Donald chuckled. “Mr. Puzo, the southwest side of the East Islands belongs to me now. As for your men, they have switched sides and are mine now.” Fabio was stunned. “How is that possible…” “Why is it not possible? Even if you‘re still their leader, you have lost the Parkin Chamber of Commerce, your main source of income. With tens of millions of dollars in debt and no money, do you think you can still order them around?” 

Donald walked up to him and stopped in front of him. He looked down at him and continued.” Soon, those debt collectors will come to take your villa, so you might as well sell it to me. I might even be able to give you a sum of money.” “Where do you get so much money— ”Before he could finish his sentence, Fabio realized something. “Manuel has given the money to you?” “That‘s right. I made a deal with the Skull Club with the money he gave me. Or else, why do you think the Skull Club defected to my side?” 


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