The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1284

When Alex Rockefeller turned around, he discovered that Maya Howards had also come down.
Maya could feel what Alex was feeling. She walked over and pulled him into her arms. “If you feel like crying, go ahead! I know how much harder it is to forget your first love, not to mention bidding farewell under such circumstances.”
At first, Alex felt heartbroken. However, after being gently approached by Maya like this, and smelling her strong fragrance, all his emotions from before disappeared. “I don’t want to cry! She isn’t exactly my first love. It ended before it even began,” Alex said.
But was this what he really thought?
Comparing Hayley Hanson and Lady Dorothy Ass*x, who was more important to him?
Alex actually didn’t have an answer!
“I didn’t think Papa’s daughter would be your first love,” Maya said.
“Let’s go! She’s been affected by the Blood Curse. However, I know nothing about this kind of curse. If we want to rescue her, we must start with the Blood Cult! Unfortunately, the Blood Cult was annihilated by the Justice Alliance of America over a century ago. Now, the members still alive have all gone into hiding. For the sake of their cult’s work, they are willing to sacrifice their lives at any given time. This is the most terrifying part. It’s almost like… They’ve been brainwashed,” Alex said.
Maya sighed. “I didn’t think that Blood Curse would require one to drink human blood. It’s way too evil. In that case, do you think Papa Hanson has also been afflicted by such curse?” she asked.
“Perhaps!” Alex answered.
After that, the two of them returned to the first floor. In fact, they even sealed the entrance completely. Although the blood pool Papa Hanson had created for his daughter was a little odd, it would still be beneficial for Hayley Hanson’s body even after Alex had amended the spell formation. The Life Extension Spell Formation ensured that Hayley wouldn’t die.
After walking out of the villa, Anna Coleman bid farewell to Alex and Maya.
Meanwhile, Alex and Maya slowly walked down the street.
By then, the sky had already turned dark. When they checked the time, they saw that it was already five minutes to twelve.
“Your birthday will end in five minutes,” Alex said to Maya. “In the end, I didn’t give you a worthy birthday gift,” he added.
“Haven’t you already given me a gift? If you think that wasn’t enough, you can extend its time,” Maya said.
She was referring to the kiss.
Alex looked at her. Suddenly, he picked her up and pinned her against the trunk of a random BMW before kissing her passionately.
The next day, certain news had spread throughout California.
Rockefeller Group had gone through a change of hand. Previously, it had been taken away by John Rockefeller. Now, it returned to its founder, Madame Brittany Rockefeller. Moreover, Madame Brittany would now lead the well established company in the cosmetics industry, Lush Cosmetics, to cooperate with Rockefeller Group extensively.
As soon as the news came out, Rockefeller Group’s share price instantly skyrocketed and hit the raising limit.
One ought to know that Rockefeller Group had gone downhill a year ago after it received negative media attention. Meanwhile, John and Noah Rockefeller weren’t exactly gifted at business management. As a result, Rockefeller Group had always been on a decline in the industry.
In reality, many of Rockefeller Group’s shareholders were displeased with its performance. Now that Madame Brittany had made a forceful comeback, many shareholders of the company seemed a s if they were on steroids. They were all prepared to make a great deal of money off a strong woman like Madame Brittany.
However, during the general meeting of shareholders at ten that morning, over ten shareholders went through a reshuffle they had never experienced before in the face of Madame Brittany.
Knock, knock, knock…
After Maya walked in, she respectively placed nine document holders in front of nine people. “For the shareholders who have received a document holder, you have one day to cough up your shares. You’ll be given a fifty percent discount based on the market price. The company will repurchase all your shares,” Maya said.
As soon as she said this, the shareholders who received the document holder all jumped out of their seats.
“What? What right do you have to make us sell our shares? And a fifty percent discount?”
“What is the meaning of this? Is this robbery? Madame Brittany, I’m afraid you must be dreaming, right?”
“I disagree. I absolutely will not agree to this.”
Madame Brittany smiled calmly before flicking a fingernail that she had just painted with nail polish. “What’s the hurry? You can all first take a look at the documents inside,” she said.


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