The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1286

He would always bring Winniefred to walk around the area.
The little girl was a big foodie. She would eat everything, everywhere. Her mouth just wouldn’t seem to stop eating. She would usually just stand still and drool, especially after she noticed any ice cream stall.
“After having ice cream, you have to go to school tomorrow, alright?” Alex gave her a lecture.
Waltz had arranged for her to attend the best kindergarten in California owned by Thousand Miles Conglomerate. However, the little girl would keep clinging to Alex, even during sleep.
Last night, she even had an idea of having Alex, herself, and Zella sleep on the same bed.
“Other little kids have their parents sleep next to them. But Winnie never got to. Now that I have Papa, why can’t I sleep with Papa and Mama then?” she said.
This made Alex and Zella behave extremely awkwardly with each other. Not wanting to crush the little girl’s hope, Alex slept on Winniefred’s right.
However, he didn’t expect to fall asleep that night.
More importantly, he realized that the little girl ended up sleeping at the end of the bed, yet both he and Zella were cuddling with each other. That moment was extremely awkward for the both of them.
After hearing the words “go to school”, Winniefred immediately started pouting. “Papa, I really, really, don’t want to go to school! The other kindergarten kids are so childish. The teachers there are too! They’d be a bad influence on Winnie. I heard childishness is contagious!”
Alex patted her back gently. “Where did you hear such nonsense from? You have to go. If you don’t, then there’ll be no ice cream for you.”
“Papa, can I not go to school if I don’t eat ice cream? Winnie won’t eat it then.”
“… In your dreams. You have to go even if you don’t eat ice cream, else you can’t call me Papa!”
“Papa!” Winniefred threw her ice cream away and hugged his thigh. “Don’t abandon rne! Waaaaaa…”
This immediately caught the attention of many on the street since it was odd to see an adorable little girl hugging a grown man’s thigh.
Suddenly, a woman rushed up to them and picked Winniefred up. “Baby! Oh, my baby! Mommy finally found you, oh how I’ve missed you!”
Winniefred froze up, staring at the woman in horror.
Alex was confused as well. He furrowed his eyebrows and thought. ‘This woman is probably mentally ill, huh? Perhaps she lost her child and has gone insane?’
Alex instinctively used his third eye to check on the woman’s mental state since he’s received the Ultimate Book of Medicine. However, he didn’t find any problems in her at all.
Just as he was about to get Winniefred back, the woman ran off with her as she screamed. “Arrest this kidnapper! He’s a kidnapper! Everyone please! help me stop him and beat him up!”
Alex really was shocked this time around, yet he had another problem to worry about now.
Three heavily built men came rushing toward him, screaming and threatening that he would be tackled. The woman, on the other hand, immediately ducked into a coaster van with Winniefred in her arms. The car engine was activated in mere seconds, rushing off from the scene of the crime.
“Papa, Papa! Save me!” Winniefred screamed loudly.
However, the woman just wouldn’t let her go, and she even started chuckling. “This little girl is so pretty. She’s probably the prettiest among the ones I’ve caught! She’ll definitely sell for a good price.”
The driver nodded. “Yeah, I’m even a little reluctant to sell this pretty little thing!”
Just then, the driver noticed a man dropping down from the sky, blocking the road. The man’s eyes were filled with murderous intent.
“Ah! What the f*ck!” The driver stepped on the gas, intending to run the man over.
Unexpectedly, the man reached out an arm and stopped the car with ease.


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