The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1287

Alex was very much annoyed.
All he wanted to do was bring Winnie out to have a good time, get her some ice cream and bribe her so she’d go to school obediently. He really didn’t expect to bump into some professional kidnappers.
More importantly, they even tried to accuse him of carrying out such foul actions.
“Do I really look like some weakling to the point that I can’t protect a little kid?” He mumbled to himself.
Alex continued to hold onto the hood of the van. Hence, no matter how hard the driver stepped on the gas, the van just wouldn’t budge.
The driver was sweating cold bullets at this rate, never having seen or heard anyone achieving such strength. ‘Is this man even human? He can stop a whole van with one hand!’
“Madame Wealth, that man is blocking our car. What do we do?”
Madame Wealth was the woman holding Winniefred in the backseat. She glared at the driver. “What to do? Do you not know that you could just run the guy over?”
Droplets of cold sweat dripped down the driver’s forehead, and he felt chills down his spine. “I… I already did. Madame Wealth, I think… I think we’re done for today.”
Just then, he heard the man in front of the car yell, “Stop the car and get out!”
Alex’s tone was paired with a solid and irresistible force of mental power.
The driver’s mind was fogged up. He immediately stepped on the brakes and stopped the car.
Just then, the three men who tried to stop Alex from taking Winniefred back a while ago managed to get up on their feet. Alex’s Chi had previously knocked them down. They continued shouting,
“Arrest that kidnapper! Arrest him now!”
“Kill him! Kill that d*mned kidnapper!”
Their loud screams, along with the van blocking the road, were enough to confuse the bystanders. All of them thought that Alex really was a kidnapper, rushing over to give a hand.
It is only normal for people to despise kidnappers, especially parents who had children of their own.
There had been many news broadcasts about how a kidnapped child could ruin an entire family. Everyone in the family was devastated… And the child that got kidnapped ended tip having their limbs and tongue cut off as well.
Any child who disobeyed the kidnappers would be killed, and the nicer ones would be sold, falling into a never ending pit of suffering.
In mere moments, dozens of kind hearted bystanders came to help after hearing the three kidnappers shouting.
Alex’s murderous intent became stronger by the second. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to explain any of this to Zella. Moreover, Winniefred would have to suffer from this as well. He just couldn’t possibly hold in his anger.
Facing the kidnappers’ heckling, Alex said lightly, “Kidnappers must die!”
Alex immediately drew out the Sword of the Universe. With just the first slash, all three heads were chopped off, sent flying mid-air. Blood spouted from their necks like water fountains, drenching the asphalt in red.
The kind hearted passersby who had initially apprehended Alex started screaming in horror. They ran away in horror, wishing they could run on all fours.
Since the driver was affected by Alex’s mental power, he got out of the car and stood aside.
Madame Wealth, who was still in the car, couldn’t help but widen her eyes and yell, “My brothers! Oh, my brothers!”
Two of the three men that Alex had just killed were indeed her biological brothers.
Seeing this, many bystanders started calling the police. Killing three people in broad daylight was just too cruel and monstrous. No one could handle such brutality.
“How can this kidnapper be so arrogant?”
“How dare he kill someone just because he couldn’t kidnap the child? He should be condemned in hell! He should be sentenced to death immediately!”


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