The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2200

Chapter 2200 “Do you think it‘s that easy to catch me?” Donald attacked Nollace once more. “I won‘t admit defeat. Even if I‘m going to die, I‘ll drag you down to hell with me!” 


Mahina went into the courtyard with an umbrella. She put the umbrella at the side and walked into the living room. “Mr. Southern Sr.” Sunny looked at her and asked, “How is the situation now?

“Donald has escaped.” She paused for two seconds before continuing. “But Mr. Knowles has gone after him alone. I think he can hold him off until they arrive.” Daisie jerked up from her seat. “He went after Donald alone?” 

Mahina nodded. 

Daisie pressed her lips tightly as she couldn‘t believe that Nollace would go after Donald alone. 

Just when she turned around, Sunny said, “If you go there now, it‘ll only make the situation even more complicated.” Daisie replied, “What if Donald still has something up his sleeves? I can‘t let him face Donald alone.” 

Mahina chimed in. “I‘m sure Mr. Knowles knows what he‘s doing. If you go there now, he‘ll be distracted as he‘ll need to take care of you. At that time, you might not be able to retreat safely.” 

Sunny nodded. “That‘s right. Daisie, you should have faith in him.” 

Daisie lowered her head. He had promised her that he would not do anything dangerous anymore. Would he be able to keep his promise this time? Meanwhile, Quincy and the police had sealed off all the ports to make sure that Donald couldn‘t run away. In the forest… Nollace put down Donald with a punch. Both of them were exhausted, and Donald couldn‘t hold on for too long anymore. He scrambled up from the ground and said, “Nollace, I knew you were like me a long time ago. Maybe you‘d be one of my trusted men if you‘re on my side.” 

After he finished speaking, he threw a punch at Nollace. Nollace could not evade his attack in time and got hit in the face. His body turned sideways, and after he regained his balance, he wiped the blood off the corner of his lips and chuckled.” Unfortunately, we‘re destined to be enemies.” Donald pounced at him, and they rolled along the ground. After evading a punch from Donald, Nollace kicked him away. 

While Donald rolled along the ground, he pulled out his gun and aimed it at Nollace. 

Nollace froze, and his face sank. 

Donald laughed when he saw his expression and said, “I have a gun. Do you really think I‘d fight you? I was just doing it to lower your guard. You don‘t have any energy left to fight back now, right? So die now, Nollace.” He pointed at his head and pulled the trigger! 

Yet, nothing happened. 

Donald was stunned. He pulled the trigger two more times, yet nothing happened. Seizing his chance, Nollace kicked him. Donald fell to the ground, and the gun flew away from his hand. 

Crawling on the ground, he tried to reach for the gun. “This is impossible. There‘s nothing wrong with my gun.” 

Nollace took his gun faster than him. 

Donald was stunned. He lifted his head and looked at him through the rain. 

Nollace ejected the magazine and threw it on the ground. Donald picked it up and froze. There were no bullets in the magazine at all, 

“H–How could this be?” 

He kept his gun on him the whole time unless someone had changed it. 

Nollace reached out for a gun in his pocket and said, “This is your gun.” 

He pointed the gun at Donald‘s forehead and continued. “Do you want to know who changed your gun?” 

Donald clenched his fists tightly and replied, “Did you plant a mole beside me?” “Have you not realized one person is missing?” Donald turned his head around and saw that Chunky was lying on the ground. Surprisingly, the man who should be unconscious in the car was walking toward him now. 

Jake took off his jacket, his wig, and the fake skin on his face to reveal his real face. 

Donald asked dumbfoundedly, “Since when…” 

“He has been with you from the moment you went to Fabio‘s villa,” Nollace replied as he looked at the dumbfounded Donald. “When you realized there were police in the villa, you‘d certainly try your best to run away. You‘d need someone to cover you if you wanted to run.” 


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