The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1292

Stephanie shouted and leaped out of her boat, doing a flip mid-air and landing on the other small wooden boat steadily.
She immediately wrapped both her arms around her daughter.
“Mom!” Stephanie was overwhelmed when she saw her mother. She had been trapped in here for five days, experiencing just how horrible humanity could be.
In that instant, she just couldn’t control herself, crying hysterically in her mother’s arms. She then pointed toward Alex. “Mom, kill this bastard for me now!”
Stephanie shook her head. “Soraya, mom can’t kill him. And well, I shouldn’t kill him too. He’s your cousin.”
“What?” Soraya froze as if she had been struck by lightning.
‘Alex is my cousin?’
‘But I was raped by him just a while ago!’
‘This… This…’
‘What do I do? Isn’t this incest?’
‘If I’m really impregnated with his child, would the baby be deformed because we’re relatives?’
If Alex found out all the messed up things going on inside her head, he would’ve probably been so frustrated he’d vomit blood.
Just then, Lexia spoke up. “Stephanie, Soraya, come back up to our boat!”
With that, everyone got into the other boat. Soraya’s face was pale. She asked Lexia, “Grandma, he is he really my cousin? As in, your grandchild?”
Lexia smiled and turned to look at Alex. “I guess so!”
Lexia was still very kind toward Alex, happy for his achievements as well.
However, Soraya’s eyes rolled back, fainting as soon as she heard that. All the women in the Melvis family panicked, immediately trying to revive her.
Alex took a pill out and handed it to Stephanie. “Don’t worry, she’s just been starving for days. Plus… Her body’s a little weak, so that’s why she’s fainted. This is a pill to rejuvenate her energy. After taking it, she would be able to recover quickly.”
Stephanie took a glance at it, not daring to use it on her daughter.
In the end, Lexia had to be the one to speak up, reassuring her of its effects and that it wouldn’t cause anything wrong.
Only then did Stephanie take the pill carefully, letting Soraya consume it.
“Alright, Lochlan. You guys can get into our boat too. All this was just a misunderstanding. You’ve been trapped in here for five days, and it must be harsh for you all. Our family will provide you a reasonable compensation!” Lexia told the others who were still on the small boat.
After pausing for a while, she turned to Shaun. “Guardian Baker, Elder Alex is part of our family, the grandchild of the third wife. Ruby was the one who planned everything back then. So now that she’s punished, you wouldn’t blame us anymore, right?”
Shaun took a glance at Soraya, who was unconscious. “Of course not…”
At the same time, Lochlan and the others took a few glances at Soraya.
Lexia nodded. “Come up here then.”
“Yes, Madame!” The few of them got on the boat as well.
Alex was just about to hop into the lake to find the mystic tool that formed the underwater talisman.
Just then, Soraya woke up from taking the pill and turned to Alex. “If you’re a man, then kill off all of them for me!”
She was pointing toward Shaun, Lochlan, and the others.
Alex froze.
Stephanie asked, “Soraya, why?”
“They tried to s*xually assault me back then!” replied Soraya. “They blamed me for causing us to be trapped in the lake. If it weren’t for my luck, I would’ve been raped or eaten alive! Thank god I managed to barge into the depths of that talisman by running around mindlessly!”
“What?” Everyone froze, obviously shocked.
Just then, Lochlan, Shaun and the others became excited. Murderous intent filled their expressions as they lunged toward Alex and the Melvis family.


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