The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1291

As Alex stared at her, he thought, ‘This is just extremely unsightly.’
He shook his head. “I didn’t do anything. What have you done to yourself?!”
He regretted not taking his phone out to record what she was doing at the time. With that as evidence, she wouldn’t be able to put the blame on him… However, if he really did record that, she would most likely explode on him as well.
“I… ” Still looking at herself, Soraya immediately buttoned up her shirt.
However, just as she stood up, her body wavered, almost toppling over.
‘It hurts down there!’
“You bastard! You absolute jerk! You should rot in hell!” Soraya clenched her teeth and glared at Alex, exploding with anger. Tears streamed down her cheeks, thinking that Alex had really raped her.
More importantly, she was still a virgin. ‘How could I have lost my virginity to this bastard? I wish I could skin him alive!’
Just then, she realized that she was facing another problem.
‘From what I remember, I think I’m ovulating now. If he… Then what would I do if I’ve gotten pregnant?’
‘I really don’t want to get an abortion.’
‘I heard abortions hurt a lot.’
Back then, she had accompanied her best friend to get an abortion once. Yet, such a strong woman was in so much pain that she couldn’t walk properly. She had almost died from blood loss as well.
Hence, she immediately asked Alex, “Were you wearing protection?”
Alex was puzzled. “What protection?”
“Like the rubber ones?”
“What rubber ones?”
“Condoms! Like, to prevent pregnancy.”
Alex shook his head. “I don’t ever wear those.”
Upon hearing this, Soraya broke down, yelling at him again. “You… You’re a monster! Not only did you rape me, but you weren’t even wearing a condom! What will I do if you get me pregnant? I don’t want to give birth! You… You… You… You’ve ruined my life!”
Alex was speechless.
“Is there a misunderstanding here? I didn’t rape you. I’m not even remotely interested in you.”
Soraya scolded, “You’re just a shameless coward! Why don’t you just admit it when you had the balls to do it in the first place? Do you think I’m dumb? I could feel it, and it was definitely you! You were the one who raped me! You even said something like, as long as I sleep with you, you’ll let me out! I refused to, so you raped me! I saw it with my own eyes. You did it! I’ll recognize your sickly face even if you were to turn into ashes.”
Alex’s eyes widened, mouth agape.
‘What did she even see when she was hallucinating?’ he thought.
‘Why did she think that I raped her?’
“I told you! It wasn’t me! You did this to yourself!”
“Just, calm down. I don’t have the energy to continue such a nonsensical conversation with you. Your mother and grandmother are here. You may leave now!”
Suddenly, Alex noticed her clothes and narrowed his eyes.
Her clothes were so torn tip that she really looked like she had been raped. If she were to show up in front of everybody like this, it would be far too embarrassing.
Alex thought. ‘We’re still relatives, after all. Lexia Rogers and her side of the family had never done anything bad to my grandmother. So I guess I’ll help her this one time.’
He took off his shirt and threw it towards Soraya.
“Wear this!”
“Who would even want to wear your clothes, you bastard?” Soraya spat as she clenched onto the remnants of her shirt tightly.
Alex shrugged. “Whatever! I’m bringing you out now, but I have to mention that many men are out there. I won’t be the one they’d be gawking at, you will.”
Upon hearing this, Soraya shot Alex a dirty glare. However, all she could do was put that shirt on.
In just a few moments, Alex pushed the boat out of the Gates to Hell with his spiritual power. With just three spins, they appeared back in front of everyone.


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