The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2205

Chapter 2205 Cameron‘s expression froze. She felt extremely embarrassed as she stared at the cup of tea in her hand. 

‘Did I just use someone else‘s cups and drink someone else‘s tea?‘ 

Fortunately, no one was looking at her, so she restrained her expression, placed the teacup back on the table, pushed it back to Waylon, and said in a low voice, “Anyway, I‘m not the one who‘s suffered a loss from this.” 

He rubbed the mouth of the teacup, lowered his gaze, and smirked. “People who‘ve taken advantage of somebody else always love to say that.” 

She replied casually, “Yes, you‘re right about that.” 

Waylon then slowly poured some tea into the cup, picked it up, and placed the cup against his lips. Cameron was stunned for a split second and could not stay calm while that was happening. He drank the tea slowly, and his lips now covered the rim of the cup that still had her lipstick mark. The way he swallowed the tea and wiped the corners of his lips with his thumb was somehow very seductive to her at the moment. 

It seemed intentional but also serious at the same time. 

Cameron‘s gaze swept across his face and mainly his lips subconsciously. She then looked away almost immediately, and her cheeks suddenly turned inexplicably warm. ‘I wasn‘t paying attention and was careless. But he clearly knows that I‘ve drunk from that cup!‘ 

Cameron placed her tableware down and stood up. Everyone at the table stared at her. 

“I‘ve finished eating.” She lowered her head and left the table immediately. 

Sunny was puzzled and looked at Waylon. “What‘s wrong with her?” 

Waylon rubbed the edge of the cup with his fingertips and smiled.” Perhaps she‘s truly full.” 

Cameron went upstairs and straight into her room. She then closed the door, leaned behind it, and covered her scorching cheeks with her palm. “He must have done it on purpose, right?” 

The banquet downstairs did not end until noon. Sunny had one too many throughout the meal because Damian and his men had been proposing a lot of toasts. He was really dizzy, and the butler sent him back to his room to rest. 

Daisie was about to say that she wanted to go upstairs to see Cameron, but Nollace embraced her by the shoulders. “You don‘t seem to be the appropriate candidate for this task.” 

She was startled for a short moment. Seeing that Nollace seemed to know something, she narrowed her eyes. “Did you hear everything?” ‘When I was whispering to Sunny, he was sitting right next to me, so he most probably heard what we were talking about. 

Nollace chuckled. “I didn‘t hear it. I saw it.” 

She wondered. “What did you see?” 

Nollace smiled and said nothing. 

At this time, Waylon and Quincy stood in the courtyard. Quincy said that after the detainee who repatriated Donald arrived in Yaramoor, Donald was sent to Vermont Bane Prison by Interpol. 

He would be imprisoned there for life without parole. 

Vermont Bane Prison was located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The entire prison was built by an aircraft carrier, one of the world‘s strictest facilities. 

The main body of the wall was made of extremely durable metal, and there were more than 1,000 cameras installed in it. All its prisoners were basically under 24/7 surveillance. 

What was more, it was located in the center of a vast ocean, so even if Donald had the ability to break himself free from the prison again, escaping would undoubtedly be equivalent to signing his own death certificate. 

Waylon looked up at the sky and stared off into the distance. “The cost of losing one‘s freedom for life is rather high, huh?” 

“A person like Donald who‘s unwilling to stay mediocre his whole life and is driven by power, I think making him lose his freedom is way crueler than killing him directly.” Quincy sighed and thought of something. “Now that everything‘s over, when will you and Ms. Daisie return to Bassburgh?” Waylon narrowed his eyes and did not utter a single word. 

Quincy followed his gaze and saw the curtain behind one of the window sills upstairs sway slightly. 

‘If I‘m not mistaken, that should be Ms. Southern‘s room, shouldn‘t it? 

At Bassburgh, in the Goldmann mansion… 

Nolan sat in his study, going through some magazines. He wore a pair of metal–framned glasses that were gold in color, and his well built body fit his dark shirt perfectly. 

The cell phone that was placed on the desktop received a text message at this time. He stopped flipping through the magazines, 

took a glance at the screen, picked up the cell phone, and checked the content of the message. 


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