The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1294

She thought to herself, ‘This guy started it, this bastard right here. If he didn’t set the trap here, they wouldn’t have been trapped, and she wouldn’t have lost her innocence.’
Thinking about what happened, she felt that part of her body throbbing with pain again.
Alex replied nonchalantly, “Now that everything’s ended, I’ll leave first”
“Hold on,” Lexia called after him.
“Is there anything else?” Alex asked.
“Since I’m here in California, I should go see your mother. Thinking back on those years, the last time I saw her was when she was ten.”
Alex narrowed his eyes. “I’m not sure if my mother wants to meet you.”
Lexia smiled. “Ask her. I’m certain she’ll agree.”
Alex took a glance at her. “I’ll let you know if I have news.”
With that, he jumped off the boat into the lake.
As for Sky and Anna, they leaped onto a smaller boat and said farewell.
Stephanie was very attentive. She could tell the clothes her daughter was wearing were Alex’s and that her own garment beneath it was torn.
She quickly asked, “Soraya, are you okay? Have you been…”
Soraya really wanted to tell the truth and say that Alex had raped her since she was, without a doubt, really sure of this. Yet, she didn’t dare to say this out loud after finding out that Alex was her cousin.
“No. Good thing I ran fast enough,” she said with her head bowed.
“That’s good to hear, that’s good to hear!” Stephanie said, “I know that you’ve been interested in Shaun even though I’ve advised you against it a couple of times. Now, you should have given up, right! I noticed for a long time that Shaun’s not a good guy. Everything that he does is with the intention of becoming the Divine Constabulary’s president! Alright, you’re not young anymore. When we go back, let grandma choose a good family for you, and you can get married.”
“Huh..” Soraya’s expression changed immediately. She had been thinking. ‘What if she got pregnant?’
Alex retrieved the mystical tool from the lake and quickly arrived home. He told his mother, Brittany, about Lexia’s invitation.
Brittany was silent for a few minutes.
She finally nodded and said, “Now that you’ve mentioned it, Lexia had a good relationship with your grandma. She was good to me when l was a child too. Your grandma was strict with me, but she was always on my side… Now that the old lady has aged, I should go meet her.”
She paused. “How about tonight? You go arrange it.”
“Alright!” replied Alex.
Soon, the time of the meeting was set. It was to be at the Shangri-La hotel at six tonight.
At first, Alex wanted to go with his mother.
Just as he was all dressed up, about to head to Shangri-La with Brittany, however, he received a phone call from Hailey. She cried, “Brother, something bad was happened. Zoey’s missing! Can you help me?”
“Huh? Zoey’s missing? How did she go missing? Where are you now?”
“I was in Disneyland. I just looked away to answer a phone call. It wasn’t even a minute, and Zoey’s gone. I searched the whole park, but I can’t find her. I… I’m so scared! Could she have been kidnapped? I’m so so scared, brother. Come quickly…”
Alex was shocked.
Just this afternoon, he slashed three kidnappers right on the street, Winniefred was almost taken away, and now in just half a day, Zoey encountered kidnappers too.
‘Are kidnappings that rampant now? ‘Or are these attacks directed at me?’
“Hailey, I’ll come right this instant!”
Alex was about to rush out the door when he was met with Zella, almost crashing into each other.
Zella was still awkward about how they hugged the other day. She blushed and asked, “What’s the hurry? Where are you headed to?”
Alex explained. “My friend lost her daughter. She might’ve been kidnapped. I have to go over right now.”
Zella had heard about Winniefred almost getting abducted this afternoon. Still lingering in fear, she felt extreme hate for these kinds of cases.
“I’ll go with you,” she volunteered. “I have some special skills in looking for people.”


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