The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2209

Chapter 2209 Sunny, who captured the moment, ducked behind a wall. Cameron‘s face turned red. She felt extremely awkward and ran back into the house. 

Waylon held his palm to his cheeks because he had lost his cool… 

Cameron ran into the study and opened the door. 

Sunny was sitting behind the desk and reading his newspaper, pretending nothing had happened. She walked over and held out her hand. “Give me your phone.” He looked up and smirked. “Why? Is that how you speak to your father? You‘re going to check my phone? No way.” Cameron crossed her arms. “You‘re not going to delete it?” 

Sunny turned way and mumbled, “No, I finally got a picture of my son–in–law. I would have no dignity if I just deleted it just because you said so.‘ 

She choked. “Son-in-law…” 

Sunny smirked and folded the newspaper. “I‘ve accepted him, so you‘re not going to reject him.” After that, he continued. “He‘s such a great guy. Even Minzy could see that, but you‘re still oblivious. If I didn‘t insist, he would have left. You‘re pretty smart about most things but not about your own feelings. I‘d be damned if I didn‘t remind you about it.” 

Cameron was at a loss for words. 

It felt as if Sunny had been planning this all along, and she just found out toward the end. 

Cameron said stubbornly, “You just can‘t use that picture. I need my dignity.” “You care about dignity?” Sunny looked at her with a serious face. “Why were you not ashamed when you asked for a cheque from him?” 

Cameron was stunned. “How did you know about that?” 

“It doesn‘t matter how I found out. You have to repay the money even if it means you have to work in Bassburgh. We don‘t owe.” 

A few million dollars wouldn‘t mean a lot to him, but he was just scaring her. She did owe it. 

He just had to find a way to get her to Bassbough no matter what. Cameron turned away. “I have a few millions.” 

“The money in your account belongs to me too.” 

Cameron scoffed. “If you have to push it, all I have left is my life.” 

“I can help you pay it if you want me to.” 

Sunny smiled. “Get close to him and give me a chubby grandchild in a year, and I‘ll clear the debt for you.” 

“You can do that yourself!” 

Cameron‘s face was red with anger when she stormed out. 

Sunny smirked because she was no match for him. 

He picked up his phone, opened the photo, and sent it to Damian to show off. Damian was annoyed and blocked him. 

In the afternoon, Daisie and Nollace returned from shopping and saw Sunny playing with his lizard in the garden, seemingly in a good mood. 

She walked over and handed the box of tea to him. “I know you love tea, so I got this for you.” 

Sunny took the box and was surprised. “Oh, there‘s no need to spend money.” Daisie smiled. “We‘re going back tomorrow, and I didn‘t know what to get you. Please keep it. It‘s just a small gift.” “Alright, since we‘ll be a family soon, I‘m going to just accept it.” Daisie raised her brows. “You‘re so confident about that?” 

Sunny waved his hand. “I‘ve been there before, I‘m sure of it. I‘m going to win this bet.” 

After saying that, he quietly showed her the picture on the phone. 

Daisie was shocked. ‘They‘ve progressed so much? How could I not know about it? 

‘But more importantly, is Waylon someone who would take the initiative!? 


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