The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1295

Alex looked at Zella in surprise. Seeing the determination in her eyes, he nodded immediately.
At the same time, Brittany had finished dressing up, ready to head out.
Meeting Lexia again after all these years, she just couldn’t keep calm. As she came out and saw her son in such an anxious state, she immediately asked, “Alex, where are you going?”
“Mom, I have an emergency. Ask Maya to go with you.”
As he spoke, Alex found Zella couldn’t keep up with him. Hence, he grabbed her by the waist and walked with thundering strides, their bodies turning into a streak of light, gushing out the door.
“Oh clear, this kid, so unsteady, where’s he headed off to again?” Brittany said helplessly. Regarding Alex’s safety, however, she had nothing to worry about. As Alex’s level got higher, near to no one in California could hurt him.
After her son possessed such powers, she had hoped that he could have a steady heart and cause lesser killings.
As Zella was hugged by Alex, her face flushed red instantly.
Feeling the strong arms around her, she felt herself go soft. Winniefred’s dad died when she was pregnant with her, meaning it had been almost seven years since she was this intimate with a man. Now, this sense of being attracted was silently activated.
Quickly, she was stunned by the speed Alex was going. She knew that she has a rare blood lineage, where her body was beyond powerful, and her speed more than three times normal. But now, looking at Alex concentrating thunder into both his legs, his speed was beyond words, she could only say he was as fast as lightning.
Within five minutes, Alex and Zella were there with Hailey.
Hailey, who couldn’t find her daughter, Zoey, was as anxious as an ant on fire. Beside her were a few workers of the park. It was probably due to Hailey’s aggressive tone before this that they didn’t seem friendly toward her, especially an authoritative looldiig man with a big belly, who seemed impatient.
“Brother, what should I do? I can’t find Zoey anywhere. If I lose her, I don’t want to live anymore!” Hailey collapsed into Alex’s embrace, crying her heart out. Alex hugged Hailey, his vision combing the workers of the park. “Have you locked down the park? Block all entrances of this park immediately. And the surveillance cameras, have you checked them?”
To his surprise, the chubby director immediately put on a face and said, “Are you joking? Such a big park like ours… How could I lock it down that easily? What about the other visitors? How can our park do business like this? We earn hundreds of millions per hour. Are you going to be responsible for that?”
Alex nodded and said, “I’ll take responsibility.”
The chubby man looked at Alex’s attire. He noticed that his clothing added up to only about a thousand dollars, and yet he was still talking big.
The man laughed coldly. “Are you f*cking kidding me? Will you take responsibility? Are you capable of that? Take a leak and look at yourself. How dare you? I’ll just put it out here right now: you lost your kid because you didn’t look after her. That’s on you. You can call the police for help, but causing trouble here and trying to put the fault on me? Dream on!”
Alex looked at him coldly before taking out his phone and dialing in a number. The call was to Azure.
“Alex, what orders do you have for me?” Azure picked up the phone and asked respectfully.
“Azure, I’m at Disneyland right now. I lost my niece here. Bring all your men immediately and block all the park’s entrances. Be quick!”
“Alright, I’ll take action right now!”
Hanging up the phone, Azure immediately sent out the emergency state order, deploying all of Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s fighters and security guards to Disneyland. They were to use the fastest route there.
In an instant, the entire Thousand Miles Conglomerate was on the move.
“What? An emergency state order?”


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