The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1296

“This is a huge deal for the Thousand Miles Conglomerate, the first time they’ve ever initiated the emergency state rule since it was created. It hasn’t ever been used before, so I don’t know what happened.”
The emergency state rule applied to all current members of the Thousand Miles Conglomerate. Whether it was a fighter, security guard, the average employee, or even a cleaner, they would receive the message. Just when everyone was busy discussing the situation, a search warrant was sent to each employee’s phone.
The order had come from the Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s CEO’s office.
This meant that the person who sent out the order had to be the Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s CEO, Waltz Fleur.
Not only was Zoey’s photo on the warrant, but there was also a prize. It mentioned that if one managed to find her, they‘d immediately get a billion dollars in cash. One could search in a team or by themselves. Regardless of identity or status, no questions would be asked as long as the child was returned safely.
That meant that even if they were the ones who kidnapped Zoey, as long as they brought the child back, they’d get a billion.
With this order, chaos erupted within the people of the Thousand Miles Conglomerate. Thousand Miles Conglomerate was the biggest conglomerate in all of California. Even if its current official members hadn’t reached a hundred thousand, there had to be at least 80 thousand of them.
Coincidently, it was time to leave work as well. With that, countless people rushed toward Disneyland.
At the time, the chubby director immediately let out a burst of cold laughter after hearing that Alex had called for a lockdown on the park’s entrances. “Kid, if you dare send people to wreak havoc in my park, then don’t blame me for the consequences! I still have a certain power in California. Don’t regret your actions later on.”
Zella couldn’t take it anymore. She spoke up, “I don’t understand. Whose side are you on? Now that a visitor’s kid is lost in your park, shouldn’t you be cooperating with the search enthusiastically? And here you are, creating more trouble. This makes me suspect that you’re one with the kidnappers!”
The director was furious after hearing this. He pointed at Zella and barked, “Don’t think I won’t hit you just because you’re pretty. If you dare insult me, I’ll still slap you mercilessly!”
Just as soon as he finished talking, Alex’s hard slap landed heavily onto his big fat face.
The slap was so hard it made the director spin around in dizziness, spitting a mouthful of blood and falling to the ground.
As soon he recovered and got up, he felt even more furious. “F*ck, you dare hit me, punk? Do you have a death wish?”
Alex said, “You. Go and get me the surveillance tapes right this instant, or you’ll really die.”
“Who do you think you are? How dare you hit me and still demand that I check the surveillance footage? Dream on!” The director scrunched up his face and shouted to the staff. “Go, get all the security guards here. I’m going to throw this whole family out dead!”
Just then, an employee rushed in. “Boss, something happened. There are so many people outside. They blocked up all the park’s entrances. Visitors can’t leave, and they aren’t happy about it.”
The director froze. He glared at Alex and said, “So you really called some people over, huh, punk. Fine, I’d like to see how many people you brought! Let’s see who has more men!”
However, he didn’t notice that more people were gathering outside of the park. It was a few dozen at first. Then hundreds, thousands, and finally, millions showed up.
Just counting the employees of Thousand Miles Conglomerate, there are more than eighty thousand, not to mention that they have called their family and friends to join the search.
‘The prize is ten billion dollars!’
‘Who wouldn’t want it?’
The crowd got larger by the minute.
Soon, a security guard ran in, baffled. “Boss! Boss! There are too many people! Our whole park has been surrounded!”


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