The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1297

“What? The whole park’s been surrounded? Are you dreaming?”
The director was initially surprised, but it quickly turned to disbelief. He even slapped the guard on the back of his head and bellowed, “Do you have any idea how big our park is? We have four gates situated on thenorth, south, east, and west! So tell me, how can they surround all that? Can he even get hundreds to come with just one call?”
Even though the guard was hit, he still looked extremely worried. He said to his chubby boss, “Boss, it’s not just hundreds…”
“F*ck, of course, I know it can’t be hundreds. You think he’s a gang leader?” the director yelled angrily.
“Not hundreds, they… There are millions, boss!” the guard exclaimed with a devastated face.
“What? Millions?” The boss kicked the guard. “Are you f*cking high? Do you think they’re ants? Millions?! I f*cking swear…”
The director was furious. Just as he was about to continue scolding the guard, he raised his head and saw a swarm of people rushing in.
The person leading the group was Azure. He had brought along a thousand fighters and guards from Thousand Miles Conglomerate, charging into the park.
Moreover, these were only a small part of this time’s emergency state order.
There were at least a hundred people on guard at every entrance, to the point it wasn’t possible for a fly to get out. Besides, there were other people searching each corner of the park. There was even a mob outside.
“Master Rockefeller!” Azure rushed in and called him respectfully.
Even though he called Alex by his name privately, he called him “master” in public with the utmost respect.
The thousands of fighters and guards behind him followed, shouting, “Master Alex!”
Their voices were as loud as thunder.
In the park. Having their exits blocked, the visitors complained at first. Most of them had initially planned on dining or tending to other businesses after visiting the park, yet they were locked in now. It was only natural for them to have such complaints.
Some more impatient ones were already furious. They released their anger since they were fairly rich and powerful.
However, they noticed that the people blocking the gates had suddenly increased to the hundreds, where all of them gave out a deadly aura.
Not to mention Azure, who lead thousands of men in black, rushing into the park like an army.
Such a massive army would be enough to leave powerful authorities shocked, let alone women and children. Hence, all of the visitors could only wait silently for news to come.
Soon, they heard the news that a child was lost in this very park. Everyone was astonished.
They started guessing which powerful family managed to put them in lockdown within the park because their child went missing.
“It’s Thousand Miles Conglomerate!”
“Thousand Miles Conglomerate sent out the emergency state order with a prize of a billion dollars to find a kid called Zoey Carter. No matter who finds the kid, even if you’re not part of the company, you’ll get a billion in cash!”
There was an uproar as everyone heard the news, and it was confirmed to be true.
Members of Thousand Miles Conglomerate started to hand out the search warrant. It was clearly stated that whoever found the child would be getting a billion. Zoey’s picture was attached to it too.
Some who had played with Zoey in the park shouted, “Oh god, so it was this little girl! She was on the seesaw with my son earlier!”
“I can’t believe she’s the child of a Thousand Miles Conglomerate executive!”
Someone else said, “A child of an executive wouldn’t have gotten so much help. This is probably related to Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s CEO.”
“Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s CEO is Waltz Fleur. Could she be her daughter?”
As everyone made their assumptions, they too joined the search party.
‘If I get lucky and find the child, I’d be getting a billion dollars, all for free!’


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