The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2211

Chapter 2211 

Daisie walked up to Cameron and sat beside her. “You’re right.” Cameron lowered her head as she sank deep in thought. “But your eldest brother didn’t go with you, while your second brother accompanied you when you went to study in Yaramoor?” 

She chuckled and replied, “Yeah, my eldest brother didn’t go with us. He has been living in Stoslo and only went to Yaramoor to keep us company for a while after graduating.” 

“I see…” 

Daisie went closer to her and asked, “Why does it seem to me that you’re interested in my brother?” 

Cameron was stumped and turned her head sideways. “That is impossible. I’ll never be interested in your brother.” 

Daisie decided not to expose her. She thought of something and pulled her phone out. “Let me show you some pictures.” 

“What pictures?” asked Cameron. 

Daisie flipped through her albums and handed her phone to Cameron. Cameron took it, and she was shocked when she flipped through them. “This is…” 

“These are the pictures from when my eldest brother and I were kid celebrities. What do you think?” 

“Your eldest brother was a kid celebrity?” 

“He joined the entertainment industry because of me.” Daisie rested her chin on her hand and asked, “Isn’t he adorable?” 

Cameron did not say anything. She found it difficult to believe that Waylon was truly adorable when he was a kid. 

She was confident that she wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to pinch 

his cheeks if she met him when he was a kid. 

She flipped to another picture and asked, “They’re your second brother and eldest brother?” 


“They look so much like each other.” 

Nobody could differentiate them if they did not observe them closely. The three of them were triplets. Other than Daisie, Colton and Waylon looked exactly the same as each other. 

The only thing that could help people differentiate the two was that Waylon did not have a mole at the corner of his eye. 

Cameron saw another group photo, and she was completely stunned. Only then did she understand why some people would say God was unfair. 

“This is your family photo?” 

Daisie chuckled, “Well, not really. Other than my dad and mom, 

they’re my aunt and uncle, and these two are Uncle Boucher and Aunt Barbara.” 

“They all look so pretty and handsome.” 

Daisie’s mother was an elegant beauty, while her father was handsome. Even her relatives and friends were of good looks. It seemed to Cameron that ugly people did not deserve to appear in this photo. 

Daisie found Yorrick and Hector’s photos. “This is Uncle Yorrick and my mom’s cousin.” 

“Wait!” Cameron said, “What kind of family are you from? Why are you all so good–looking?” 

None of her family members or friends were ugly, and Cameron found it unacceptable. 

Daisie blinked and said, “I still have more. Do you want to see them?” She pushed her phone back and said, “Nope, nope. I have enough. I 

don’t think I can take it anymore if you don’t stop showing me your family members that look like celebrities. You and your family can form a group and join the entertainment industry already.” 

Daisie put her phone back into her pocket and said, “I’ll bring you to my mother when we’re at Bassburgh.” 

She was stunned. “What? Why?” 

Cameron was going there for vacation, not to meet their parents. 

Daisie looked at her and replied, “Your father took great care of us when we were in the East Islands, so of course, you have to stay in my house when you’re in Bassburgh.” 

Cameron asked, “Is it?” 

‘Did I think too much?” 

Daisie nodded. 

She let out a sigh and replied, “But I didn’t bring any gift with me. Will it be okay?” 

“Of course, it’ll be okay,” Daisie squinted and replied, “My parents will be very happy as long as you show up in front of them.” 

Nollace said, “Like you.” 

Daisie tugged at the duvet and asked, “What if it’s a boy?” 

Nollace collected her hair that stuck on her neck and said, “As long as it’s our kid, I’ll like it. But I hope it’s a girl.” 

Daisie turned around to face him and replied, “Everyone wants a son to carry on the family business, but you just want a girl?” 


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