The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2210

Chapter 2210 

That was unbelievable. 

Daisie scratched her cheek. “What are your terms?‘ 

Sunny said, “Nothing much. All I want is for Cam to find a man who matches her. I think your brother is a good man, and I hope that I’m not wrong about it.” 

Daisie suddenly felt guilty. “But it doesn’t look like Cameron wants to go to Bassburgh. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to insist that she goes.” 

Even though Sunny did this for her happiness, it felt as though forcing her to go to Bassburgh for her brother wasn’t the right way to do it. 

Sunny smiled. “No one can make her do something if she doesn’t want to. I have no idea how, but what if she wants to go?” 

At least she wasn’t forced to go. 

Even if they tricked her, there was no point if she wasn’t willing. He knew his daughter well enough. 

She just didn’t want to admit her feelings to anyone. 

The next day, after breakfast, the party went to the pier. The ship that was docked there would leave at 10:15 a.m. 

Sunny, Mahina, and the butler sent them to the pier, and some of the Southern Clan members were there too. 

Daisie looked toward Sunny and the others with a heavy heart. “Take care of yourself. We’ll come back and visit.” 

Sunny smiled and nodded. “I’m glad you think that way. We’ll always be on the East Islands.” 

After a long time, Cameron was not there yet. 

Daisie looked toward Waylon. ‘Is he not going to wait for her?‘ 

Would she really show up? Daisie wasn’t sure, even though Sunny had 

said that Cameron would go to Bassburgh. 

After around ten minutes, a car parked not too far away, and Cameron got out of the car in her shades. The driver helped her get her luggage 

out of the trunk. 

She walked over with her luggage. 

Daisie was shocked. “You…” 

Cameron turned away and smirked. “I’m just going for a few days. I don’t plan to say for too long.‘ 

Daisie smiled. “You can stay as long as you want.” 

Cameron turned to look at the rest. “I’m really leaving. Are you not going to ask me to stay?” 

Sunny turned around. “Oh, it’s time to go home and have a drink with Damian. Let’s go.” 

Mahina waved. “Have fun.” 

The butler smiled. “Go have fun. I’ll take care of him.” 

Cameron was rendered speechless. 

Those were the real faces of her family members. She angrily boarded the ship with her luggage. 

Waylon looked at Cameron and couldn’t help but smile. Daisie walked close to him. “Let’s go.” 

She boarded the ship with Nollace and Waylon following close behind. 

The ship sailed off into the wide ocean. 

Cameron sat in her cabin, reading a magazine, when Daisie poked her head in. “Cameron?” 

She turned and closed her magazine. “What is it?” 

Daisie walked into her cabin, closed the door, and sat down on the couch. “I came to see you because you might be bored.” 

Cameron put her magazine aside. “It’s rare that you’re not spending time with your husband and with me instead.” 

“It’s different.” Daisie walked over to the window and pulled the curtains aside. The sun’s rays shone in while the water shimmered. ” The first time I left home was to study at Yaramoor with Colton.” 

Cameron was surprised and squinted. “Are you trying to make me feel better?” 

She turned back with a broad smile. “I was just worried that you would be sad.” 

Cameron chuckled. “Why would I be sad? I can still go back. I haven’t been to Bassburgh before, so it would be nice to visit it.” 


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