The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1298

‘In such a public setting, there’s no way Thousand Miles Conglomerate would go back on their words.’
This news had also quickly spread around the internet. Everyone’s Instagram feeds, verified accounts, and countless media became like sharks that smelled blood, taking action on their own to spread the news.
It was interesting and had a huge impact. More importantly, this would make them money, with many taking action in their own way. Hence, there were enough shock factors to make the headlines on the news.
‘When would there ever be such interesting news on the daily?’
Soon, this news was linked with the incident of three kidnappers being butchered in broad daylight. The word “kidnappers” started trending on social media as well.
At the same time, Disneyland’s director, in the face of Azure and his fierce troops, was completely stunned. He looked at the black mob with fear, panicking and thinking to himself. ‘I’m screwed. I’ve definitely provoked the wrong people!’
Azure went straight up, slapping the chubby director hard on the face three times, then spat out the words, “Surveillance footage!”
The employees on the side all remained silent, not even daring to breathe out loud. They now knew that Alex was the king of California’s underground gangs.
Thousands, hundreds of thousands of people, all coming forward to search for one missing girl was just way too much pressure.
A few of the director’s teeth were knocked out. He sobbed, “That place… The surveillance cameras in that place are broken. There’s no record!”
Zoey was currently tied up at the underground tunnel of an abandoned haunted house in this very park. Her eyes were closed, and she was clearly unconscious. Beside her, there were two other young girls, both aged five to six, unconscious as well.
Not far from them, three men and one woman were on guard. Their expressions were full of panic and disbelief.
The woman in her fifties was holding a search warrant from Thousand Miles Conglomerate in her hands. She mumbled to herself, “A billion! This small girl is worth a billion! How much can we even sell her for? Only 100 thousand bucks! The difference is enormous!”
One man looked towards Zoey. “I don’t think she recognized us when we kidnapped her.”
“Do you mean that we pretend to have found her and go claim the prize?”
“Or we can find another accomplice to go.”
“Don’t be stupid! This girl is from Thousand Miles Conglomerate. Once they get her back, won’t they investigate? Then what? We take and spend that money in hell?”
“F*ck, but that’s ten billion, aren’t you guys wavering? We won’t earn that amount even in ten lifetimes!”
“Think, just think of something else! F*ck, why not we bring her with us and demand ten billion, or even 100 billion? Thousand Miles Conglomerate has the money anyways.”
“I’m just afraid that Norton has betrayed us…”
Despite the countless people searching and turning the park upside down, there were still no signs of Zoey.
Zella asked Hailey, “Do you have the girl’s clothes or something she always holds onto, like a toy or whatever?”
Hailey grabbed a backpack and asked, confused, “This. Is this okay?”
Zella took it and held it under her nose, sniffing it gently. She then opened it and took out a water bottle, drawing markers, cookies, and a small jacket and smelling them one by one.
After that, she put them down and closed her eyes, taking a deep, long breath.
Hailey yanked at Alex, asking quietly, “Bro, what is she doing?”
Before Alex could answer, Zella opened her eyes and said, “Follow me!”
With this, she sped towards the lane on the right.


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