The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2214

Chapter 2214 

Waylon opened his eyes slowly and turned his head around to look at her. 

Cameron forced a smile on her face and said, “Can I discuss something with you?” 

As if he could read her mind, he said, “Let me guess. You’re going to ask me for money so that you can book a hotel?” 

Her smile disappeared as she replied, “Forget about it. I still owe you a lot of money, so I shouldn’t borrow money from you anymore.” 

Waylon handed an access card to Cameron. 

She was stunned and looked at him in confusion. 

“You can stay wherever you want in Bassburgh.” Waylon took in her surprised gaze and chuckled. “We won’t let you stay on the street.” 

When she did not accept the access card, Waylon continued. “If you don’t want it, then I’m taking it back.” 

“Wait!” Cameron hastily took over the card and said, “I didn’t say I don’t want it.” 

She needed to spend money to live in a hotel, so of course, she would settle down for anything. Besides, she didn’t want to stay in someone else’s home either. After all, not everyone was as friendly and welcoming as her father. 

What’s more, she did not want to stay under the same roof as Waylon. 

However, what she did not know was that this was part of Waylon’s plan to lure her into his trap. 

At the Goldmann mansion… 

Maisie and Nolan were waiting for their kids in the living room. When they heard the footsteps, Maisie turned her head around, and Daisie walked into the living room. “Mom! Dad!” 

With a smile on her face, Maisie rose to her feet, and Daisie 

approached her. She measured her up and down and said, “It’s been almost six months since you went to the island. It seems like you’ve been eating well.” 

Daisie replied, “Of course. Mr. Southern Sr. treated us really well.” 

Nolan and Maisie then looked toward Nollace, Waylon, and Cameron, who were coming from the door. 

This was the first time the maids and butler in the living room met with Cameron, so they were curious about her. 

This was the first time Cameron met with the Goldmanns as well. She looked calm on the surface but was nervous deep down. 

Maisie studied her from head to toe. If she hadn’t known that Sunny’s son was actually a daughter, she would have never believed that the girl standing in front of her would be the legendary “Mr. Southern.” 

‘What an interesting girl.‘ 

Seeing that Maisie was looking at her, Cameron smiled at her and said, “You’re so pretty, Mrs. Goldmann.” 

Everyone was stunned and looked at her. 

Maisie was startled as well and chucked. “Are you praising me?” 

Cameron was stunned. “Is it not allowed?” 

Other than the four people in the living room, the rest of the people gasped in surprise. Maisie had heard too many compliments, but even if someone wanted to curry favor with her, they wouldn’t be so straightforward and say she was pretty. 

What’s more, Maisie was very good at taking care of herself. She looked youthful and beautiful, and many people complimented her for her good looks. However, someone of Maisie’s level wouldn’t take it seriously since she had heard too much about it. 

They would only take it as flattery. 

They could understand if Cameron wanted to curry favor with Maisie, but they couldn’t understand why she would add a question like that. They were confident that Maisie wouldn’t be happy about it.. 

It was only now that Cameron noticed the people around her were looking at her. She squinted and wondered if she had said something 


Suddenly, Maisie chuckled and looked at Cameron. “Thank you for your compliment, Ms. Southern. I’m really happy about it. I thought you would say I’m Daisie’s elder sister.” 

Cameron was stunned and smiled in embarrassment. “Well, you really look like her elder sister.” 

Nolan cleared his throat and chimed in. “You guys must be tired from the trip. Come and sit.” 

All of them took their seats on the couch, and the maid came over to serve them tea. 

Nolan asked Nollace and Waylon about the things that had occurred on the island. Both of them replied to him honestly, and then he looked at Cameron. “Ms. Southern, please help me to express my gratitude to Mr. Southern Sr. for taking care of the children while they were on the East Islands.” 


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