The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1299

Alex, seeing this, knew that Zella must have found out something. He grabbed Hailey and quickly followed Zella.
Stomp, stomp, stomp…
Azure and his troops quickly followed suit.
However, they left about a hundred men behind to Director Norton and his employees.
Zella walked and stopped every once in a while to take a breath. She even knelt on the ground to take a whiff.
Hailey became increasingly surprised by this. This incredibly beautiful woman acting like a dog just didn’t seem civilized at all. However, knowing that she was just helping her to look for her daughter, Hailey felt extremely grateful that she was doing so much to the point of throwing her image away like this.
She asked worriedly, “Bro, can your friend really catch Zoey’s scent?”
‘This was just an unbelievable sight.’
Alex nodded with uncertainty. “I think so!”
He remembered that Aunt Rockefeller once told him that Zella carried the rare blood of a nine tailed fox.
For some reason, it had been activated in the past as well, so she held powers that ordinary people weren’t capable of.
Considering what was happening now, Zella’s sense of smell might have a unique enhancement thanks to the blood of a nine-tailed fox.
“Here!” Zella switched directions and continued moving forward. After taking five to six pauses, Zella pointed to the ground, gesturing that Zoey was here.
The direction in which Zella pointed to shocked Hailey.
‘This is the underground!’
‘If my daughter’s underground, doesn’t that mean she’s buried?’
‘Could she still be alive?’
Not long after, Azure and his men arrived too. Countless Thousand Miles Conglomerate members and the visitors helping with the search nearby came over too.
Alex looked toward Zella.
He released his spiritual consciousness and directed it straight into the ground. Sure enough, his spiritual consciousness saw a tied-up Zoey further below ground and the two other girls.
He also saw some kidnappers huddled together, discussing how to avoid trouble and take advantage of Zoey to blackmail Thousand Miles Conglomerate.
In mere seconds, Alex felt a sudden rush of bloodthirstiness running within his veins.
‘These monsters have kidnapped three children in one go, destroying the mental support of three families.’
‘This is even crueler than murder!’
‘Kidnappers should die!’ Alex moved two steps to the side and beckoned for the crowd to be silent.
At the same time, the kidnappers in the tunnel were hiding like rats below, trembling in fear from the storming steps coming from above their heads. Suddenly, everything seemed to stop, their surroundings eerily silent.
The silence made them hold their breath.
Just then, a strong gush of energy exploded above their heads. Alex had concentrated the power of a million thunders onto his fist and struck it onto the road.
It felt as if an earthquake had struck. The tunnel was smashed through in an instant, the road surface collapsing with it.
The surrounding crowd seemed fearfully surprised.
‘Such a powerful punch, it felt like one from the gods.’


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