The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2215

Chapter 2215 

Cameron took a sip from the tea and nodded. “I will.” 

Maisie sent the maid to prepare a guest room for Cameron. Just when Cameron was about to say something, Waylon chimed in. “Mom, she’s not staying here.” 

“Why?” asked Maisie. 

Daisie looked at Waylon and asked, “Are you going to let Cameron stay in a hotel?” 

“Nope.” Waylon replied calmly, “She’s going to stay in Emperon.” 

Maisie seemed to have realized something and smiled, “Alright then. Emperon is pretty near Taylorton. Daisie and Nollace are staying in Taylorton, so they can also take care of Cameron if she stays in Emperon.” 

After they finished their lunch, Nollace and Waylon followed Nolan to his study room. 

Daisie brought Cameron to the garden. As if she remembered something, she asked meaningfully, “Cameron, are you really not going to stay here?” 

“Yeah. I just don’t feel comfortable staying here…” 

“You’re not avoiding my eldest brother, are you?” Ever since they came down from the ship, she could sense something had happened between them. It was very apparent that Cameron was avoiding Waylon. 

She was stumped and turned her head sideways to look in another direction. “Of course not. I’m not avoiding him at all.” 

Daisie clasped her hands behind her back and chuckled. “I can sense something fishy between you and my brother. I’m sure you must be avoiding him.” 

Cameron stopped in her tracks and turned around to look at Daisie.” You’re on your brother’s side, right? You also lied to me about the door number for him. I thought that was your cabin.” 

Daisie scratched her cheek and asked, “Are you angry with me?” 

“I’m not that petty–minded.” 

“Let me tell you something to make it up for you.” She looked at Cameron and blinked. “If you stay in the Goldmann mansion, my eldest brother may not be able to bully you that much since my mom is here.” 

Cameron waved her hand and rejected it without any hesitation. “No. I won’t stay here as long as your brother is staying here.” 

A hint of amusement crossed Daisie’s eyes as she said, “Really? Anyway, I’ve warned you already, so don’t blame me if anything happens later.” 

Cameron did not take her words seriously. She thought Daisie was saying this because she wanted her to stay in the Goldmann mansion. 

At night, Waylon sent Cameron to Emperon. Cameron walked into the courtyard and realized that the house was kind of new. 

She turned her head around. “Is it here?” 

He did not say anything. He pressed on the fingerprint scanner and entered the villa. 

Cameron followed behind him. She froze when she saw Waylon taking off his jacket and hanging it on the hanger. “Are you not leaving?” 

Waylon took off his watch, put it on the table, and replied indifferently, “Since when did I say I’m leaving?” 

Suddenly, Cameron remembered the things that Daisie had told her this afternoon and felt like something had exploded inside her head. 

“So this is what Daisie was talking about!?‘ 

Waylon walked up to her and stood in front of her. Their shadows were 

overlapping with each other under the lamp. 

“Since you don’t want to stay in the Goldmann mansion, you can only stay with me here.” 

Cameron took two steps backward and laughed dryly. “I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to stay in the Goldmann mansion.” 

She turned around, and just when she was reaching for the door handle, an arm came behind her and pressed against the door. 

Even though she did not turn her head around, she could feel the strong oppression behind her. He had enveloped her entirely in his aura, and she had nowhere to run. 

Waylon lifted up a strand of her hair with his finger and leaned closer to her. Even though they did not touch each other, it looked like he was flirting with her. 

“You’re the one who said you don’t want to stay in the Goldmann mansion, but now you want to go back there? How are you going to explain to my parents?” 

Cameron gnashed her teeth and turned around. “I have never said before that I don’t want to stay…” 

“Okay,” he interjected. He took a strand of her hair and put it against her lips. “So, you’re staying here.” 


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