The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1300

Among the four kidnappers, two died on the spot while the other two were buried under the rumbles.
“Dig!” ordered Alex.
Hundreds of men in black instantly dug through the road surface, carrying the kidnappers out. Soon after, Zoey, together with the two other girls, was carried out of the tunnel by Alex.
“Zoey!” Hailey shouted, hugging Zoey tightly against her chest, her face full of tears. Half an hour of parting ways with her daughter felt like a century to her.
Once Zoey had returned safely, the heavy rock upon Alex’s heart was removed.
Now, looking at the other two children, he shouted to the crowd. “Who else here lost their child? Come take them back!”
His voice was as loud and powerful as a thousand rumbles of thunder.
Azure and the others were also shocked. “Who would have thought the kidnappers would take three children in one go and have hidden in such a concealed place? They must have done this countless times.”
Not long after, someone stumbled his way through. “That’s… That’s my kid, that’s my child!”
Another person then said, “The other child seemed to be lost this afternoon. The police came to search, but they couldn’t find her. Who would have thought she was hidden in such a place.”
Alex immediately asked Azure to contact the police.
In reality, the police were already here, and there were even troops from the brigade.
Thousand Miles Conglomerate sending out an emergency state order to find a child with the prize of a billion dollars as soon as the news came out, the city of California was immediately emptied. Every person that got the news had come to Disneyland to try their luck. But, Disneyland was fully surrounded, and few roads could still be passed. The others were all blocked.
The police cars were parked two kilometers away from the park. Even they couldn’t even get in.
The child was found. Such a frightening case had come to an end.
The gates of the park were opened again.
Countless people were relieved and happy that the child was found, more so who were astounded by Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s power and envious of the parents who got their children back by luck.
Right then, one of Azure’s subordinates reported, “Master Azure, Master Alex, I think there’s something off about this park.”
Alex asked, “How so?”
The subordinate replied, “I was feeling curious just now, so I went further into the tunnel. I found out that it leads to many other passages, and the venue of the main rides all have hidden tunnels. It feels like the place was specially designed to kidnap children.”
Hearing that, everyone’s expression changed.
Just then, Craig and his people arrived. Hearing such a thing, they immediately interrogated the director of the park. Besides, of four kidnappers from before, two of them were only hurt, so they were brought in for questioning too.
The director of this park was Norton Cambell. Valiantly, he denied all accusations. “These are empty, false claims, I have these passages underground so the workers can move around between rides easily, and it makes daily maintenance more manageable. As for these two kidnappers, I’ve never seen them in my life. I don’t know them.”
Alex said, “You better think before you answer. Don’t make yourself regret because of one small mistake.”
Norton shouted, “What do I have to think about. I mean it when I said I didn’t do it.”
He then spoke to Craig. “Mr. Selby, you’re one of the authorities. I request your protection as a citizen. My life has been severely threatened.”
Craig shook his head. “I don’t see any threats to your life.”
Alex smiled, taking out a small bottle and handing it to Azure. “This is called ‘heart-scratching parasite of a hundred days’. It’s a parasitic disease. You can use it according to the situation. I leave the rest to you. In thirty minutes, I want to know the truth!”
Azure nodded.
Norton shouted out in defiance.
Alex pulled Craig away. “Mr. Selby, let’s take a walk outside. We still haven’t found the parents of one of the kidnapped kids. I need your help with it.”
“Sure, no problem!”
Soon, heart wrenching shrieks came from the room behind. After less than twenty minutes, Azure came out.
He hurriedly went to Alex and said, “Master Alex, I have answers. He’s one with the kidnappers! Rumor is that there’s a big buyer in California, specifically looking for clean and pretty girls aged five to six and he’s offering a high price for it.”
Alex’s brows furrowed. “Who’s this big buyer?”


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