The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2216

Chapter 2216 

Upon catching this scene, Cameron’s cheeks flushed instantly. She pulled her hair out of his hands immediately and combed it. “You actually kissed my hair? What the hell is wrong with you? I’ll kick your *ss if you continue to give me such crap!” 

Waylon sneered and stared at her. 

Her face obviously looked like a tomato at the moment, and it seemed that she was trying to act all tough and wanted to threaten him. She was so innocent that he could not help but want to tease and bully her. His gaze landed on her lips, and he rubbed his finger across her lips. How do you plan to beat me up, Cameron?” 

She grabbed the hem of his collar with a fierce expression. “If you dare to lay a hand or a leg on me again, I’ll skin you alive.” 

He gave off a faint smirk. “Okay, then I won’t move my hands or legs from now on.” 

A warm sensation spread over her lips just as Cameron was in a daze. 

Her pupils constricted, and it felt like there was a torrent flowing through her entire body, which made her go completely numb. 

Her mind exploded abruptly–nothing was left but a blank space. Waylon paused for a bit after a short peck, held the side of her neck with his palm, and intensified the interaction. 

Cameron seemed to have had her breath taken away. Not only did she lose all the strength to push him away, but her whole body felt like a shell that had had its soul drained as she felt weak and powerless. 

The kiss continued until the two of them got separated, and she gasped. 

Waylon rubbed the corner of her lips with his thumb and approached her ear. “I only used my lips and not my hands or legs, so it’s not a violation of our agreement.” 

Her heart was about to escape from her chest cavity through her throat, so she instantly pushed him away and dashed upstairs. 

She closed the door and locked it when she stepped into her room. Her body then slumped against the door and down to the floor. She had yet to return to her senses since she got kissed. 

‘I just got kissed. He actually kissed me!‘ 

Cameron covered her cheeks. Her ears were flushed as well. 

‘I’ve never been so weak and useless. I actually got turned into a coward by a mere kiss! 

‘Wayne Goldmann, that’s it! You’ve overstepped! 

The next day, at the Goldmann mansion… 

Daisie woke up early in the morning. She went downstairs and saw Nollace helping Maisie make breakfast in the kitchen. 

Maisie turned to look at the rabbit pastry Nollace kneaded with his hands and smiled. “That’s some great craftsmanship. I must say that I didn’t expect you to be someone so meticulous, just like Waylon.” 

He smiled humbly. “You’re flattering me.” 

Daisie walked into the kitchen. “Mom, are you guys making pastries?” Maisie turned around. “Yes, I’m testing your husband’s cooking skills.” 

“Nollace’s cooking skills aren’t too bad, huh?” After saying that, she was attracted by the bunny–shaped pastry that was lying on the table, and her eyes lit up. “This is so adorable!” 

She picked up the pastry and placed it in the palm of her hand. The rabbit looked lively and felt so soft in her hand that she could not bear to take a bite out of it. “Nollace, is this your masterpiece?” 

Nollace looked at her. “Mom did a few of them too.” 

The word “Mom” came out of his mouth abruptly and startled Maisie, 

who then burst into laughter. “Did you just call me Mom? It’s decided then. That’s what you’ll call me in the future.” 

Maisie had just gotten herself another excellent and handsome son, so how could she not feel thrilled? 

Daisie returned to her senses. 

‘What was that? Nollace is actually quite a good candidate when it comes to pleasing and entertaining Mom.‘ 

Maisie suddenly suggested, “Daisie, after we’ve finished baking the pastries, you should bring some to the hospital for Freyja.” 

Daisie was astonished. “Has Freyja been hospitalized?” 

“Freyja is pregnant, and her body has been under the weather all this while. She can only stay in the hospital during this time. Since you’ve come back, you should take some time to accompany her.” 

Daisie thought of something and wondered. “Wouldn’t Colton be there. to accompany her?” 

Maisie put the pastries into the oven. “You should know Colton’s temperament well enough. Things have been rather fragile between them recently, and I’m not the most suitable person to be interfering in their affairs. It’s up to you guys now.” 

Daisie thought about something and did not say anything.


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