The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2220

Chapter 2220 

“Leave it to me.” 

The boy was doubtful. “Can you do it?” 

Cameron picked up the dart and aimed at the balloons. “This is as simple as ABC. Just watch.” 

After a few seconds, she threw the dart with precision. 

One of the balloons popped. 

The boy was stunned. Even the owner was dumbfounded. 

“Is this beginner‘s luck or what?! 

The boy then pointed at a teddy bear. “I want that.” 

Cameron continued with the game and threw it diagonally this time around. 

The dart punctured three balloons in a row. 

The boy leaped into the air happily. “Wow, you‘re amazing!” 

Even the few children who were watching from the side could not hold themselves back now and started surrounding her. “We want toys too!” “Okay, one by one!” The owner could no longer sit still and hurried over. “Miss, if you play like this, I‘ll go bankrupt really soon.” Cameron sneered. “It‘s not that I‘m not paying you. Besides, you hung them up, which means they‘re up for grabs, aren‘t they?” 

It was well said and extremely reasonable, so the owner was at a loss for words. 

The owner could not help but roll his eyes. “Please, miss, I wouldn‘t be here arguing with you if you could pay me more. With $5, everyone gets three chances. But if you were to win three items with each throw, how could I not go bankrupt?” 

Waylon took out a card. “I‘ll pay you $15,000. All you need to do is let her play.” The owner was dumbfounded for a split second. He then took a closer look at Waylon, immediately took the card from him, and asked in disbelief, “Young man, you do look quite posh. Are you sure about this?” 

‘$15,000, I can‘t even earn a fraction of that in a month.’ 

Waylon nodded. 

The owner suddenly gave off a grin and became very enthusiastic. “Okay, then you can take whatever I have in the stall today.” 

Cameron walked up to Waylon‘s side and whispered, “$15,000, do you really think that money grows on trees? Do you not have anywhere else to spend that money of yours?” Waylon turned to look at her and raised his eyebrows. “That‘s why I‘m asking you to help me spend my money, right?” Cameron choked on her own words, looked away hastily, and her ears flushed almost instantly. “You can cut the horsesh*t there.” 

She continued to throw the darts. Every single attempt was as accurate as it could be, and soon the toys on the panel were almost gone. But the owner happily hung up new ones, and another round began. 

The business of this shop was not so popular before this. Now, all the children were gathered here, and even passersby could not help but come over to watch. 

Cameron‘s divine skills were simply breathtaking, 

“Holy sh*t! That woman is amazing! She hasn‘t missed one!” “If I had her skills, my girlfriend would instantly fall in love with me again.” “My God, she‘s really awesome!” 

Waylon stared at Cameron. 

“These skill–based games are pieces of cake to her. I don‘t even have to shoot. No, I have absolutely no chance at it.! 

He shook his head helplessly, feeling that he was not worthy of her at this very moment. 

He also picked up a dart and threw it at the balloon that she was aiming at, bursting it a second ahead of her. 

Cameron was startled and turned to look at him. “Are you trying to embarrass me?” 

The corners of his lips twitched. “Fancy a match?” 

“You‘re the one who asks for it!” Cameron was pumped. Originally, she was only helping the children to earn gifts, but it had now become a duel between her and Waylon. 

The crowd felt as if they were here to witness an Olympic final. They did not even dare to blink from beginning to end. And the children standing at the side could no longer hold onto the toys in their arms. The piles of toys were so huge that they were even taller than some of their owners. Two hours later, the owner‘s stall was literally empty, and the children went home with their hands and pockets full. 

Looking at his empty storage room, the owner sighed. Today was the only day where he could leave his stall unlocked through the night. This feeling of being bought out by a local aristocrat was wonderful! 


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