The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1301

Craig pricked up his ears when Alex asked about it.
The syndicated human traffickers had always been serious cases. As the captain of the Special Brigade, he had the responsibilities and obligation to fight this tumor of the society and return a bright future to the world.
Azure said, “I only managed to find out about a connected person called Nanny Kim for now.”
Alex and Craig were stunned.
‘Why did the name seem so familiar?’
“On a second thought, wasn’t that a character from a novel?”
Azure said, “Nanny Kim is definitely not a real name but an alias. She has the same name as the character from Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre’s Nanny Kim. Norton Cambell also mentioned that Nanny Kim is just an old human trafficker who has worked with him for a long term. The number of children she bought from him is as many as a hundred people. For some reason, recently, she only wants little girls of five or six years old and even wants them to be pretty and clean. Moreover, she said it would be best if they were born in a lunar year and a lunar month as well as on a lunar day.”
After hearing Azure’s words, the few people were enraged.
If more than a hundred of children were sold, it would indicate a nightmare of more than a hundred of families. These bunch of people really deserved to die.
Craig said, “There’s actually such a heartless organization in California. No matter what, I must destroy the organization completely.”
Alex frowned and said, “The five or six years old children even have to be born in a lunar year, lunar month and on a lunar day. What are they trying to do?”
He thought of one possibility.
However, it was too soon to tell now.
“Let’s go. I need to ask Norton Cambell personally!” Craig said at this moment.
However, when they saw Norton and the other two living human traffickers again, Craig was startled.
The three of them were rolling on the ground and kept wailing while desperately scratching their own skin with their fingernails. At this moment, they had already scratched all over their bodies with wounds and blood. Even there was much blood on the ground. However, they still kept scratching and wailing, as if they wanted to peel off all the skin on their bodies.
Even Craig, who was used to seeing bloody scenes, almost could not take it as well upon witnessing this scene.
“What… What’s wrong with them?” He asked apprehensively as he dared not go near them.
“Nothing much, it’s just a little punishment!”
Alex scoffed and snapped his fingers. Immediately afterwards, all the three people on the ground let out a breath of relief when the parasitic worms in their bodies calmed down. Of course, this thing came from Granny Blackwood. Now that she had become his servant, he could have as many parasites as he wanted.
The calmed Norton immediately kneeled before Alex and begged. “Master, I beg you, please forgive me! I’ll confess everything, I’ll tell everything. I plead guilty and I surrender. I’m willing to accept the punishment of the law. I beg of you, please help me get rid of the parasitic disease on me!”
The other two accomplices immediately kneeled down and willingly surrendered as well.
The torture of this parasitic worm was indeed not something that anyone could bear. Otherwise, martial artists would not turn pale at the mention of it.
“If you knew this day would come, why did you still do it?” said Alex in a gentle voice. “Well, I’ll give you all a chance to atone your crimes with good deeds. Tell us everything about the details of your modus operandi, other accomplices as well as the whereabouts of the children you’ve kidnapped. Otherwise, my parasitic worms would go into your hearts and brains. Even God can’t save you then.”
Once the several human traffickers heard him, they shivered in fear. Afterwards, they were outdoing one another to speak up first.
“What’s the rush? Tell me one by one!”
Half an hour later, the few people said everything that they knew under the threat of the inhumane torture from the parasitic worms. Craig had used tip dozens of blank papers just for recording. There were only two words to describe the crimes that these people had committed innumerable crimes!
It turned out that not only did Norton have a stronghold of Disneyland, but he also had operated several similar venues which were especially used for abducting children.
And, he was not the head of this human trafficking organization. On the contrary, he was just a small person in charge at the bottom. This human trafficking organzation had a name that most people heard of the Beggar Gang!
However, it was different from the Beggar Gang in the Condor Heroes.
This Beggar Gang was truly a tumor to the society and the scum of the world. They stole children to brainwash, discipline them strictly and let them experience all kinds of inhumane torture…


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