The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1302

For example, forcibly severing their limbs to make them beg on the streets, forcibly cutting off their tongues so that they could not speak, and pouring acid to destroy their delicate faces so that their loved ones could not recognize them. And, some good-looking girls would be even sold to faraway places and even overseas to be someone else’s child brides. They would be trained to serve men and fulfil their perverted needs… And many more.
All of these were outrageous.
After listening to all these, anger welled up in Alex’s heart. Unable to control his anger, he stomped on the ground. Then, the office hall of the amusement park was shaken into ruins.
“B*stards, b*stards! You guys don’t deserve to be a human at all!”
Azure was so emotional that he went up to the three human traffickers and beat them up with punches and kicks. Even tears started streaming down his face.
It was because he thought of himself, Waltz and Clay. The three siblings were all adopted children of Lord Lex Gunther.
Rumor had it that the three of them were only rescued when a human trafficker’s den was destroyed. However, their original families were nowhere to be found. In the end, they stayed by Lord Lex’s side.
Zella, who was standing aside, cried her eyes out when she thought of her daughter who was almost abducted.
“Azure, enough!”
Alex stopped Azure. “Don’t kill them. I still need them to make up for their own mistakes and bring us to destroy their lair!”
Norton said, “Yes, yes. Stop hitting me. Ouch, I’m willing to make up for my own mistakes, I’m willing to do so. I’ll bring you there!”
Craig with a cold expression said, “I’ll mobilize my men immediately.”
Azure said, “A thousand martial artists and three thousand bodyguards of Thousand Miles Conglomerate are awaiting your orders outside. They are waiting to be deployed at any time.”
After pondering for a while, Alex said, “I’ll ask Divine Constabulary to come and help too. We have to make sure all evil is eradicated completely!”
That night, the California officials immediately set up a raid called “Rescue the Children”. The Special Brigade, police and Divine Constabulary of California were on the list. Besides, a thousand martial artists and three thousand bodyguards of Thousand Miles Conglomerate were temporarily transferred. A total of four thousand people operated swiftly.
On the other side, Alex brought along Zella, Azure, more than ten martial experts as well as Norton to meet the so-called Nanny Kim in private.
Soon after, the few people came to a large scale foot reflexology parlour called The Nourishing Feet.
Norton said, “This is Nanny Kim’s stronghold. She opened this parlour. This old lady is very cautious. She’s usually very careful and she wouldn’t let me know. But, my subordinates secretly found out that she’s usually here! This foot reflexology parlour is not a regular one too. They provide a lot of special services.”
Azure said, “I’ll go in and grab her.”
Alex nodded his head. He was too lazy to go into this kind of parlour.
Azure brought along three subordinates and blended inside the parlour.
Alex let several martial artists from Thousand Miles Conglomerate to keep watch separately in order to prevent the people inside from escaping through the back door or other places. Unexpectedly, in less than three minutes, a certain window on the second floor was smashed, with a person flying from the inside.
At a glance, it was actually Azure!


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